Jedi’s and sexuality

I think there’s a good argument to be made that Jedis are asexual. That once you become one with the universe and all living things in it, bonding emotionally with one person just isn’t possible any more. It fits the “Man who lives alone” meme of the initial trilogy.

But how do you explain Anakin being the father of Luke and Leia? One explanation would be that that happened before Anakin became a Jedi. Maybe he was late to become a Jedi and got some woman knocked up beforehand. Or maybe his seduction was part of him turning to the dark side.

Nah! In the second prequel, Anakin is a horny teenager, just like every other human teenager. Being a Jedi doesn’t seem to effect his sex drive at all. He wants Padime so bad. He winds up quickly marrying her and then knocking her up.

Then in the sequels, Rey has the hots for Kylo Ren, and he has the hots for her, despite him trying to kill her and killing many of her friends. But he’s just confused! At the end, he sacrifices himself for her and gets a kiss before he dies. True Love.

So do lots of Jedis have families, and they’re just weren’t shown in the movies?

Why people like Black Widow and don’t like Captain Marvel

I watched a video on this recently. I felt like the person missed a very obvious reason. Captain Marvel to me was unlikeable in that she came across as someone with no sexual desire. She has a male mentor/love interest at the beginning of the film, and at the end she punches him so hard that he’s flung hundreds of yards away. There’s no other romance in the film. Captain Marvel comes across as very asexual. I felt she was a shallow character that I couldn’t relate to because she was so asexual. A simple change to the movie would have been to replace Maria Rambeau with a male pilot that Carol Danvers (Captain Marvel before she was transformed into Captain Marvel) had an affair with and intended to marry some day. He had been heartbroken when Danvers apparently died in a plane crash, but eventually moved on and was now married with children. But he wishes he had married Danvers. And Danvers wishes she had married him. Now, Captain Marvel no longer comes across as hostile to men. In fact, her anger at her former male mentor is in part because he was part of the plot that kept her from marrying the man she loved/loves.

Black Widow from her opening scene in “The Avengers” is very aware that she’s an attractive woman and embraces that. She’s also in love with Hawkeye. She had “Hot Babe” appeal while remaining a strong, independent woman, making her a character I liked and respected.

Writing for myself

Last week, I was editing “My Sister, A Modern Rapunzel” when I got an idea for a story that I found very hot. I couldn’t resist writing down the story. I wrote about one Literotica page on the new story. As I worked on the story, I came to two realizations. One was that I found the story very sexually exciting. Thinking about it gave me quite an erection. I really enjoyed thinking through the story. The second was that most of my readers wouldn’t find the story very enjoyable and that I’d never finish it or publish it.

I guess I’m becoming more accepting that there are story ideas that I really like and enjoy writing, but will likely never publish. As an author, I feel a lot of pressure to spend my free time writing stories to publish. But exploring ideas that I find erotic but unpublishable pays just as well as writing stories that will get published.

Thoughts on “My Lingerie-Loving Sister Moves In”

I got a PM today:

Hey man
I finished reading your story ” My lingerie loving sister moves in” and I absolutely love it. The plot was amazing and I was wondering if you could do a similar one with a little bit more drama and in the end we could have a pregnancy.
That’s it keep up the good work
Take care

It reminded me of one line I got in another comment. “In the lingeries story the sister was the strong and confident one.” That one line made me realize that “My Lingerie-Loving Sister Moves In” was very different than most I/T stories, including mine, in that the sister was the older one and also the more successful one. The brother supports her career by going to the dinner with her so she can network (and winds up accidentally introducing her to the type of person she really wanted to met at the dinner). She doesn’t do anything to support his career. And because she’s making so much money, she can afford to indulge in her lingerie fetish. The brother doesn’t have an equivalent spend-money-on interest.

I discovered something wild today

I was curious if someone out on the internet was discussing my latest story, so I googled “A Week At The Lake With My Sister”. I stumbled across someone who translates incest stories into Russian. They’ve translated twelve, two of which are my stories (“Comforting My Little Sister” being the other). I thought that was cool.

I wonder how HotSexStories is going to handle the revised version of “A Week At The Lake With My Sister”. Checking in on it, it looks a “8letters and other authors” website. I don’t understand why it exists.

Is this comment on the wrong story?

I got this comment on “My Sister Set Me Up on a Blind Date”:

I think the rewrite made a big difference and was needed frankly. You have done a nice sequel to sharing a house at college, but I hope you keep this a monogamous relationship. Thanks for this story!

When I first read it, I thought this comment was referring to “A Week At The Lake With My Sister”, as I published a rewritten version a week ago and that story has a lot of discussions about how the three of them are going to live together at college. But there’s no sequel for either story and “I hope you keep this a monogamous relationship” doesn’t apply to “A Week At The Lake With My Sister” as it’s about Joanna and Kaitlyn sharing Brandon. I don’t know what the commenter is talking about, but I’m glad they enjoyed my story.

An epilogue for “A Week At The Lake With My Sister”?

I got a PM recently that said:

Would you consider doing a shorter epilog story where ypu have the 3 of them in future possibly with kids and a marriage?
Something to finish it off and give us closure on the characters?

First off, I can never give closure on the characters unless I show them dying. If I wrote an epilogue showing them in the future with kids and marriage, readers will wonder what happens after that.

That being said, could I write an epilogue showing Brandon, Joanna and Kaitlyn’s life together after they’ve been living together for a while? In the original Extended Author’s Notes, I said:

I thought about doing a chapter 6 set in the next summer where Brandon, Kaitlyn and Joanna are at the lake house again with the parents. Brandon tells the parents that he’s semi-officially engaged to Joanna and will be buying her a engagement ring soon. The parents are so happy. Then he tells them he’s semi-officially engaged to Kaitlyn and will be buying her an engagement necklace soon. That doesn’t go over so well. The rest of the story is the parents coming to accept the threesome.

I don’t like the story idea anymore. Why would Brandon and Kaitlyn do this? Why risk the financial support their parents give them? In the current version, Brandon, Kaitlyn and Joanna are thinking very long-term. They want to buy a house not that far in the future and would want Brandon and Kaitlyn’s parents’ financial assistance for that. All this gains them is that their parents will stop asking Kaitlyn when is she going to start dating again.

If I were to do an epilogue now, I’d set it well into the future. What I’m thinking is that everyone is at the lake house. It’s lunch time, Brandon and Joanna are “taking a nap” in the house. The rest have gone out. The dad is taking a nap on the hammock. The mom is talking with Kaitlyn as they watch Brandon and Joanna’s two kids play. The kids are 7 and 4. The mom asks Kaitlyn if she’s ever going to have a kid. Kaitlyn says she’s thinking about. Joanna has told her that now is a good time for her to have a kid if she’s going to have a kid. Kaitlyn is a 100% travel consultant and has climbed to the title of director.

As they talk about it, the mom says, “Well, if you are going to have children, you should find a husband first.”

Kaitlyn laughs. “Haven’t you figured it by now, Mom?”

“Figured out what?”

“That Brandon is my husband. Joanna and I share him. He’d be the father of my children.”

The mom is shocked. No, she hadn’t figured it out. Well, she might have been suspicious about somethings, but that isn’t what she suspected.

I can’t imagine enough to write an epilogue. I can’t picture how the parents would take the news. I’d want them to accept at the end that their daughter has their son as her husband, but I have no idea how to make that happen.