The ebb and flow of my desire to write

Several weeks ago, I stopped playing a mobile game. Rather than being a casual play, it was taking hours every day to accomplish everything I should accomplish. And that was fine when the game was a lot of fun, but I had played it enough that it was becoming a grind. So I just stopped playing it one day and haven’t played it since.

When I stopped playing, I had a huge desire to write. I finished “My Mom Competes with my Stepmom”, I blew through the editing process much faster than normal, when I sent it out for beta-reading I pounded out wordage on “My Sister The Flirter”.

Well, that strong desire is gone. I’ve gotten a lot of suggested changes from my beta-readers for “My Mom Competes with my Stepmom”, and I’m having a hard time finding the energy to sit down and do that. Instead, I’ve been farting around in the Literotica forums and doing other stuff.

Someone has stolen one of my stories

In the Author’s Hangout forum of Literotica, someone posted about a thief that had taken stories off of Literotica and posted them to Amazon as their own. Fortunately, none of the stories were mine (at least based on the titles). As Amazon’s official line is that they don’t sell incest stories, my stories aren’t the type that someone would publish as their own on Amazon.

That got me checking to see if any of my stories have been stolen. I found “My Sister Set Me Up on a Blind Date” on a really sketchy website. The boxes on each side of the story looked like they were for ads that weren’t being served up any more. If I could leave a comment, I would have left a comment saying it was my story and asking for it to be removed. But I couldn’t. I decided it wasn’t worth my time to try to contact the owner of the website.

Something I’ve been meaning to do is to put a standard line in my stories specifying that I published it and where I published it. This story was written by 8letters and published on Literotica. That way, I’d be able to search just one line to find if any of my stories were stolen, rather than trying to find a distinctive line in each story to search for. I’ve stuck that line in the next story I’m going to publish.

Writing is an art

There’s no one right way to write. What works for me won’t work for everyone else. Lots of people like my style of writing, but lots of people don’t.

And then there are the people who make comments or posts as if they’ve got the writing thing all figured out. Here’s a recent forum post:

Write about what you know and what you personally like. Trying to deviate from this formula will result in failure.

This person sounds like they’ve got this writing thing all figured out. And I’m sure that for some people, this is helpful advice. But it’s dead wrong for me. Just about all of my stories are made up from whole cloth, so I’m not writing what I know. And the type of story I enjoy writing develops more slowly than what I’m willing to accept as a reader.

The best story length

…is how ever long it takes to tell the story.

I got a comment on one of my stories recently:

Way too long for this site. Generally no one like a story over 5 -pages for a single chapter story or a story more than 8 chapters. One poor sole submitted a story with about 30 chapters with about 20 or more pages per chapter. Trouble arose when no one was reading his work.

I’ve gotten numerous comments similar to this over the years. What was weird about this comment was that it was the 160th comment on a extremely high-rated story. The story refuted the comment.

The one time I edited down a story I thought was too long was “My European Summer Vacation” (the story that got the above comment). A year after it was published, I published a new version of the story with the section that I had cut on restored. I’ve gotten many comments saying they liked the longer version of the story, that they had the feeling the prior version was incomplete.

The current story I’m working on, “My Mom Competes with my Stepmom” is a very long story. The feedback I’m getting from the beta-readers is to cut out one scene. I’m going to take that feedback because it’s a long scene with a character who only appears in that scene and it doesn’t advance the story much.

Sex scenes – detailed or not?

Recently, I created a thread on Literotica’s Author’s Hangout asking for help with a sex scene I’m writing. One of the replies was:

More you focus on mechanics, the more likely you are to run afoul of those experienced. People have an easier time disagreeing w/what someone can physically feel than kaleidoscope that can go on inside their heads.

You’ve (assumingly) written full characters with their own traits, personalities, motivations so leverage those. Excited, nervous, scared, ashamed, aggressive, silly, shy, overly talkative, and the whole spectrum inbetween can fit the act b/c it’s a human act.

You’ve already determined your audience and style, built your characters, and performed all of the symphony but the crushendo. The act is almost secondary to all of that.

Use the flow of all your hard earned momentum you crafted into your story.

I strongly disagree with this. Yes, it’s important that the characters be well-established before the sex scene. But I write porn stories. My readers are reading them for the sex scene, to get off during the sex scene. To say that the final sex scene is unimportant compared to what leads up to it is to misunderstand what I’m writing.

What story to work on next

That’s my current dilemma. I usually work on the story I want to write the most. But I’ve got a lot of stories that I’ve got a lot written for, and I’ve decided to focus on finishing those so I’ll get a lot of stories (for me) published. My top four choices are:

My Sister The Flirter

38K words written, the final sex scene to go. I’m leaning towards the final sex scene to include anal. But I did anal a few stories back (“My Crocheting Little Sister”) and I’d write this anal just like I wrote that anal. If I can figure out how to write a fresh take on anal for that scene, then this would be my choice.

Are My Brother and Sister Lovers?

24K word written. A heavy amount of re-writing the story needs to be done. It’s a very different story in a lot of ways. It’s about the elder sister trying to figure out if her brother and her younger sister are lovers. No spying or anything. As their lives play out, she has her eyes open for clues for if they are. As it a different kind of story, it has a lot of appeal to me. And it would put another story between “My Sister The Flirter” and “My Crocheting Little Sister”.

Rewriting Chapters 4 & 5 of “A Week at the Lake with my Sister”

Most of the comments to those two chapters are negative, and I’m getting tired of all the negativity. I don’t mind an occasional comment, but not the majority of the time. The chapters have good ratings relative to all of the negative comments. So I’ve been thinking of writing Chapters 4A and 5A, which would have an alternate path hopefully without that elements that prompt users to leave so many negative comments. They’d be relatively short and reuse a lot of the writing in the original chapters. The sooner I do this, hopefully the sooner I stop getting so many negative comments.

Owe You Big Time

20K words. I think it’s done? It’s been a while since I worked on this story. I think I finished it, but didn’t like it enough to put it through the editing process. I rewrote it some, and I’ve got some ideas for how to improve it more.

Other options

I’ve got 21 other stories that I’ve got some writing done for. Three are Romances. One is a fantasy (magic-type fantasy, not sex-type fantasy). One is a re-write of the “Heather & Michael” series. None are close to being finished.

Could I make money as an author?

Short answer – No.

Long answer – Yes, I could. But most likely the amount I’d make wouldn’t be worth the time to pursue it.

There’s two ways I could make money. The first is as an incest author. I could take down all my stories on Literotica and post them over on Smashwords. I would then publish all my new stories on Smashwords. And from what I’ve heard, I’d make enough money to perhaps support a Starbucks habit (if I had one). Not enough to make jumping through all the hoops worth my time.

The second option is to stop writing incest and spend all of my writing time either Romance or Fantasy. I have story ideas for both. And I could tell everyone that I’m a published writer! But I’d just one author among hordes. I’d need to constantly publish new content to build an audience, and I’m not interested in writing that much. I’d probably make much less than publishing incest stories on Smashwords. Could I hit it big and become a famous author? Sure. But I’d probably have a better chance of making it big if I spent the same amount of time working a minimum wage job and plowing all my additional income into lottery tickets.

Revisiting a post on a stupid trope in I/T stories

I had a post about a brother walking past his sister’s ajar door and looking in on her. Lllshymynx had a number of good points in her comments and in an email. Here’s from a comment:

I had a friend growing up whose parents were notorious for for not closing their bedroom door all the way when her dad got home from work and was changing clothes. My parents used to leave their bathroom door cracked up when they would shower to let some of the steam out because their bathroom didn’t have an exhaust fan.

Also, some people aren’t all uptight about nudity etc. Not everyone makes double extra sure that their door is closed tightly before they undress to change clothes or whatever.

I don’t know any people/families like this, but I’m sure they exist. The way I read the story was that the sister wasn’t like this – that it was a big deal for the brother to see her nude.

From an email:

If the door was open several inches, then you could walk by and accidentally see someone naked or partially dressed.  Assuming for a moment that the “average person” wouldn’t leave their door open if the were going to be naked as you’ve suggested, I think you can still come up with some scenarios where that might still happen.

Say for example nobody was home when the sister got into her shower and she didn’t expect anyone home for some time.  She might not be as careful about closing her door fully.  You could even add in something that she closed it most of the way, but her cat pushed the door open trying get into her room.  The brother comes home unexpectedly, but she’s in the shower and doesn’t hear the door because she’s into her shower or whatever.  Heck if you wanted to make it naughty you could say that she was masturbating in the shower and didn’t hear him.  She gets out of the shower and still thinking she’s alone doesn’t bother to close the door since she’s going to be getting dressed soon.  Brother walks down the hall to his room and catches a glimpse of his sister naked in her room drying her hair or whatever it is she’s doing.

I think that scenario is reasonable because that’s the kind of stuff that happens in real life. You think that you are alone and you do something you wouldn’t necessarily do, but it turns out you aren’t alone.  

I can totally see a story where the sister thought she is going to be alone for a while and takes a shower. She leaves the door ajar, and while she’s in the shower the cat forces its way through the door, making the gap wider. The brother comes home, peers through the door as he walks past to see if his sister is in her room, and then the sister walks out of the bathroom. The cat meows at her so she doesn’t look at the door. She then removes the towel and gets naked while the brother watches.

I guess I wasn’t clear as to my main problem with these type of scenes, which is that the narrator always provides a description as if he/she is right in the middle of the room instead of looking through a small gap on the other side of the room. The narrator can always see every bit of the action. Typically, the effort being made to look at the other person isn’t discussed. As I said in a reply to Lllshymynx ‘s comment, I think that’s usually because making an effort to spy on the other person would come across as creepy. As written in the story I quoted, the brother isn’t really responsible for seeing the sister naked; he just happens to walk by at the right time to get an eyeful.

The story “Words on Skin” is what got me started on this peeve. It’s the second-most favorited story on Literotica. The brother takes a cheerleader upstairs. The sister decides to follow:

Odds were that he’d be too distracted by Jessica’s charms to shut his sticky bedroom door completely.

She crept up towards his bedroom and she was right. There was a quite peekable gap left. She sat herself tipsily down on the floor for a little bit of perving. Okay, a lot of perving.

From the look of things, Richard was having one of the best nights of his life. Jessica had always been that perfect cheerleadery mix of flexibility and eagerness that drove guys crazy.

At that moment, Jessica was topless and cupping her oversized, flawless breasts in her hands with her lips wrapped around half of Richard’s cock. Lizzie gaped. Her brother’s erection was impressive and while Jess was working her mouth down on it steadily, she was definitely struggling. Her full lips strained to fit around his shaft. When she finally swallowed his entire length, she groaned from her chest and bobbed slightly.

Lizzie had to admit, Jess knew how to please a guy. The curvy brunette never forgot to look up and keep eye-contact with her brother even as her hands slid down from her own tits and under her skirt to quickly drag a small white thong down and off.


Lots of detailed description of Richard and Jess having sex


So the door isn’t ajar in “Words on Skin”. Instead, the door is wider at one spot so the door only gets partially closed. The narrow part of the door would leave a gap. Assuming the width of the door doesn’t vary wildly and the door jamb is inside the room, then the gap would give Lizzie a beautiful view of the door jamb. If the door jamb is outside the room, it’s going to obstruct the view. And the amount of the door that is closed will obstruct the view. At best, Lizzie is going to have a hard time seeing anything. But Lizzie describes the action as if Richard and Jess are right in front of her.

But again, this is just my personal peeve. Many, many people think “Words on Skin” is the best I/T story on Literotica.

Suspension of disbelief in I/T stories

To me, all I/T stories* are unbelievable. There aren’t any I/T couples* out there, so clearly the reader is going to have to suspend disbelief to think that these two family members are really going to have a happy, consensual relationship that’s going to last.

So I’ve been writing lately about some I/T tropes that I find unbelievable. That’s just me. I’m sure there are many readers who find my stories not plausible. My tastes aren’t special, and my stories aren’t special.

When I was working on “Carpooling With My Sister”, one of my beta-readers found the scene where Mia comes into Jackson’s bedroom dressed up as Ginny as not plausible, that it was too much of a stretch to have Mia do that. My feeling was that I had set that scene up as well as I could. I had to hope that most readers found it plausible.

I’m working on “My Mom Competes with my Stepmom”. There’s one key scene where things take a huge step forward between the mom and the son. Is it too big of a step? I can only hope that most readers don’t think so.

I think a writer should be aware of the least plausible parts of his/her story and do want he/she can to make the part as plausible as possible. But at some point, you just have to run with what you have and hope the readers swallow it.

*Except for cousins, which typically gets overlooked when discussing I/T stories. First cousins are considered taboo enough for Literotica’s I/T category, but can get married in about half of the US states. First cousin marriages are rare, but not unheard of. Step parents can marry their step child in about half of the US states, but I’ve never heard of such a marriage.