Things porn stories frequently get wrong about sex

* The hymen is not located a distance down the vagina. Your penis can’t run into her maidenhead after it’s inside the vagina
* A woman (18+) who’s been using Kotexes since her periods have started is unlikely to have a hymen left. If she does, it’s barely there
* The vast majority of women do not orgasm from fucking. If she’s going to cum, the man should make her cum before they have intercourse
* She’ll be much more lubricated and will enjoy intercourse more if she cums before intercourse
* In situations typically described in porn stories (a young, inexperienced male who is very sexually stimulated and it’s his first time with this partner), the guy is not going to last very long (< 1 min)
* Given the above two, her cumming two or more times from his fucking her is cranking implausibility up to 11
* If the sex consists of the male character whipping it out and pounding her, it’s unlikely to be an enjoyable experience for her
* If she is someone who does orgasm from intercourse, the chance of her cumming at almost the same time that he does is very small
* I’ve never had someone put their finger up my asshole during sex, but given how much I enjoy prostate exams, I don’t think I’d enjoy it during sex
* I’ve never done anal. My impression is that it’s nothing she’s going to find enjoyable without a lot of lube and a lot of time getting her sphincter to slowly relax. I don’t see spitting on her asshole and then fucking her ass like it’s her vagina turning out well


All but two of my stories now have a red “H”

The ratings for my stories slowly but steadily climb over time. I haven’t been following “Heather and Michael Ch 01” closely and today I noticed that it’s at 4.5, taking it into red “H” territory. I think it started out with like a 4.37 rating.

I thought “My Daughter Interrupts My Work” would be a red “H” story, but I badly misjudged its appeal. “Getting Ready to Close the Deal” was intended to get a low rating.

A really nice comment I got yesterday

On “My Lingerie-Loving Sister Moves In”:

Damn, what a story……
Loved it,
Loved it, i liked it so much i sat and read it to my Wife, damn she only lay there masturbadting as i did.
About 2 weeks later we went out to a family get to gether, a birthday i think it was, anyway, part way through the night after she had enjoyed a few glasses of wine she sat in a darkish corner with just the dj’s light flashed now n then ….. she only flashed me some new sexy langerie, omg, she had never done this before, i was hard as a rock, imwanted to take her to the toilets but she said wait till we get home.
Thanks for one hell of a night we had, since then when i least expect it she surprises me with a flash, this whole story has changed our lives.
Thankyou so very much 😃😃😃😃😃😃