First draft of “A Week At the Lake With My Sister” is done

40,743 words. I think that’s my biggest story ever. And I’m planning on adding to it quite a bit as I revise it.


When one story idea steps on another

Here’s how writing works for me – I get a story idea. Unlike most of my story ideas, this one intrigues me. I play around with it in my mind for a while, working out plot points and personalities. I get so excited about the story that I can’t take it anymore and I have to write it. I’m totally immersed in the story as I write it, picturing everything that is happening as I write it down. Once I write it down, it’s out of me – I don’t repicture that scene again. I keep writing until all of the story flows out of my brain and onto my screen. Then begins the grind of turning my error-riddled first draft into something worth posting.

So I was inspired after reading a so-so story with an idea for a story. I’ve been writing on “A Week At The Lake With My Sister” and it is a very hot story filled with sex. It’s a 33K words and I’m on the next to last sex scene.

Monday, I had an idea for a whole-family story that I find incredibly hot. Sadly, I’m getting immersed in this new story idea while I’ve got “A Week At The Lake With My Sister”. Bad story idea! Wait your turn!

Now, I’ve got the quandary – do I put “A Week At The Lake With My Sister” on hold and run with this new story idea? Or do I try to keep the new story idea on the back burner while I finish “A Week At The Lake With My Sister”.

Authors commenting on stories

I’ve recently gotten comments on “My Lingerie-Loving Sister Moves In” from other Literotica authors. One was from MajorRewrite, the author of the very, very popular Spring Break Wife (highly recommended):

5 stars
It’s cute, fun and sexy. The start is slightly clunky but the story quickly recovered and the slow build up from there was well done. I like detailed descriptions of the sexy things the hot babe is wearing.

The second was from MaryAnderson, one of the top 10 most popular I/T authors on Literotica right now:

If you want a patient well-told sister-brother sex/love story,
this comes highly recommended.

It’s been my experience that authors don’t often comment on other author’s stories. I rarely leave comments and I’ve rarely seen other authors leave comments on my stories. For me, almost all the stories I read I find disappointing. Good enough to get me off, but not good enough that I felt I could leave a positive comment. And I don’t want to leave a comment that says, “Your story was okay. Not bad, but not good.”

New Story

I’ve got almost 25K words written on my next story, “A Week At The Lake With My Sister”. After Brandon dates his sister Kaitlyn’s best friend Joanna for a few weeks, the three of them plus Kaitlyn’s boyfriend Paul go with their parents for their annual week at the family lake house. It’s a very complex story with lots and lots of sex, easily the most sex I’ve ever had in one of my stories.

I’m tempted to publish it as a series of chapters, with each day at the lake a chapter. However, there’s quite a bit that happens before they go to the lake and incestuous feelings are only hinted at during that part. So I might lose quite a bit of my audience before the story has the I/T elements they are looking for.

The stupidity of negative comments

The other day, I got a message from a reader who wanted to know what was going to happen next after “Heather and Michael Ch 03”. These were the first three comments I got to that story:

Please don’t break the twins. I love the story.

I really hope…
I really hope that this is not turning into another threesome story, or that you are going to break Michael and Heather up and put him with Maddie…..If you were thinking of doing any of that please don’t it would destroy the story.

I really want them to find a way to be together.

I agree
If you make this story into a treesome or having Heather and Michael break up then stop the story here and now. I am tired of writers who start a good brother sister story only to ruin it by adding someone or having the brother and sister break up or never talk to one another ever again. So I hope you keep the story going with Michael and Heather and build their relationship.

I got three more comments on that day, all of them with some amount of criticism. My plan for the series was to break Heather and Michael up, have Michael start dating and then Maddie would invite Heather into their relationship. The only payment I get for my stories are comments and I felt like the “payment” I got for this chapter was a kick in the teeth. So the first three commenters got their wish – I never wrote anything more on the “Heather and Michael” series. I didn’t write anything for a long time after that.

Think on that – the commenters all had enjoyed the series enough to read all three chapters. And because of their negative comments, the story will never be complete. Their comments hurt me, but hurt themselves too.

The story is up to 37 comments, most of them requesting me to continue the series. A couple of commenters have made the connection that the series stopped because of the negative comments I received on it, but most haven’t. Most of them seem to think that if they snap their fingers at me enough – “This story needs to be completed” – then I’ll do it. If you want me to spend hours and hours on a story for you to read for free, try positive encouragement.