11/21 Writing Status

I have been working on a brother-sister story, “Working with Little Sister”. I have over 10K words written on it and it has a long way to go. I am going to put it on aside for now. I like to write stories where the two protagonists start far apart and then steadily move towards having sex. I like for the sexual tension to start cranking up long before they start thinking about having sex. In “Working with Little Sister”, it was just too long without any sexual tension. I may pick it up again later.

The goods news is that I had an idea for another story, another brother-sister one. They live in different cities and go on a cruise together with their new boyfriend/girlfriend as sort of a week-long double date. Turns out, the boyfriend/girlfriend had dated until they broke up after graduating from college as their jobs took them to different cities and they didn’t want to long-distance date. The boyfriend/girlfriend get back together, forcing the brother-sister together.

Stories I have in process:

  • “My Daughter Interrupts My Work” – father/daughter. I am waiting for my editor to finish his edits and then I will publish
  • “Helping My Cousin with Her Taxes” – an eleven chapter novel. Rough drafts of a number of chapters are done. Given the sheer size of the story, I want to get better as a writer before I work on some more
  • “Working Up The Family Business Ladder” – Guy has affairs with first his cousin, then his sister, then his mom; all of which he works with. Rough draft of the cousin story is done. I’m hazy on the other two stories. I am leaning towards publishing it as one story instead of three chapters
  • “Heather & MIchael”, Chapters 4-6 – What I should work on. 8k is done on Chapter 4 and I need only a couple more scenes to finish. 4.7K is done on Chapter 5 and quite a bit needs to be written for it. I want to turn those chapters in together. I have some ideas for Chapter 6, but haven’t started
  • “Murder Mystery” – a murder mystery with lots of incest. 7k words written. Much more to go. As I am not a mystery writer, I am not sure if this story will be successful
  • “Mystery Man” – a Romance story with some sci-fi overtones. 5.5k words written. I need to do a huge amount of research on this one as it is sent in Newcastle upon Tyne, which I have never been to
  • “Helping My Beauty Pageant Sister” – a brother/sister story. 2.3k words written. Much, much more to be written. I think it will be a really hot story. I wish I knew more about beauty pageants.
  • “Porn Movie With Sister” – story idea worked out, but nothing written. Brother-sister story
  • “The Cabin Cure” – a mother/son story. Rough draft more or less done at 15K words. I’m thinking about finishing this one

The beginning of “Sister Has a Plan” from the first draft

I try to start with an interesting scene and I eventually decided that a car trip wasn’t interesting enough.

“Why are you so happy?” I asked my sister Chelsea.

Chelsea laughed. “Things are going just the way I was hoping. Why aren’t you happy?”

We were in my car heading from our hometown in Northern Wisconsin to Madison. I had all of Chelsea’s possessions in my car as she was moving to Madison. I was going to let her stay with me until she could find a place of her own.

“I’m not unhappy.”

“But you aren’t happy either. You’re a year from graduating and getting a good-paying job. You ought to be happy.”

“Yeah. Well, my job right now sucks and my roommate just disappeared on me, sticking me with the whole rent of my apartment.”

“Roommate? What happened to Mandy?”

“I broke up with her and moved out months ago.” I did some math in my head. “Three months ago. I moved in with a guy named Curt. He was a friend of a friend of a friend who was looking to share a two-bedroom apartment. Last week, he showed up at work sauced, so they fired him. He packed up all of his stuff and took off.”

“What did he tell you when he moved out?”

“Nothing. With classes and work, I rarely was at the apartment when he was up. Friday morning, I went into his room to ask about the rent money and it was empty except for the furniture that was too big to fit into his car.” It was Sunday now, the day after Chelsea graduated from high school.

With a roommate, I barely kept my head above water financially. No way did I have the money to pay the whole rent by myself. I already had too much student debt. I felt like I was a car repair bill from financial disaster. Still, I was better off than Chelsea. I needed to her to find whatever subsidized housing she was going to move into ASAP so I could get a new roommate.

The reason Chelsea knew so little about what was going on in my life was that for the last two years, the only time I talked with Chelsea was when I went home for Christmas. Prior to that, I saw her occasionally around town while I was going to the local community college. I had been shocked when she called me a month ago to ask me to come to her graduation. Then she explained that she wanted to move to Madison and asked me to move her stuff down and let her stay with me for a few days until she could find her own place.

Chelsea was fine. Growing up, we fought probably as much as most other brothers and sisters. We didn’t have anything in common. I had been a Jock in high school. The school’s starting inside linebacker my last two years. I had been a good but not great student. Chelsea had been a freak. She now had a lip piercing and a nose ring. She had six piercings on one ear, starting from near her earlobe and going halfway up her ear. The other ear had six more piercing, going from halfway up her ear to the top. Her hair was dyed purple. When I lived in our hometown, I had heard that she was a hardcore partier that did the absolute minimum in school.

Author’s notes for “Sister Has a Plan”

What was the inspiration for this story?
No inspiration for the story. The inspiration for Nicole is a cross between a web cam girl and Angela Summers from Safe Cracker at 29:45 and 37:50. I knew I wanted the first sex scene to be as it was on the couch. I went looking for a similar scene in a movie to give me ideas of what to describe. I came across those two and decided to use them for Nicole.

The female protagonist went through a number of name changes. Originally, she was Chelsea something, then she was Ashley Grace and then finally Ashley Nicole. Owen was originally Tyler. Ryan and Brandon were always Ryan and Brandon. Ryan and Nicole were originally Millers before becoming Muellers. No particular reason for the name changes. I used the SSA’s baby names by state to pull a list of first names. I used this web page for the last names in the story.

What do I particularly like about this story?
* I think Nicole is the best female character I have come up with. She is optimistic and gets things done while being naive about what she can be do
* I liked having some secrets that got slowly revealed. Hopefully it kept reader interest

What do I think I might get grief about?
Three things:
1. I know very little about Wisconsin and never have been to Madison
2. I thought people might think it unfair to use Brandon as a sperm donor and then to sue him
3. I thought the big monologue where Nicole tells about her fling with Brandon might bore people

What were the inspirations for the sex scenes?
I already covered the inspirations for the couch. No particular inspiration for the bed, though see the next section

What of note got cut from this story
Two things:
1. The scent of Nicole’s shampoo was be featured prominently in the story. However, I decided that timing was all wrong – for Ryan to be able to smell it during the final sex scene, she would have just taken a shower and that made no sense with how I described her day. In the final sex scene where Ryan grasps Nicole from behind and she squeezes his cock with her ass, Ryan was suppose to take a big whiff of her shampoo scent
2. I was going to talk a lot about Nicole’s lawyer. She was going to be a black lesbian who hates white, conservative hypocrites and therefore was eager to take Nicole’s case. She just didn’t fit the story

Major editing changes for the story as it was written?
* I’ll post the start to version 1 some other time. I struggled with how to start the story and originally started it with them driving down to Madison from their hometown
* I had some problems with Nicole’s birthday. Originally, she was going to be a little younger but I needed her to be 18 when she went to see the lawyers
* Originally, Nicole had a super hot body right after her transformation. Then I realized that it was unrealistic for her to have a hot body so soon after child birth and dialed her body back from “great” to “good”. Then I had her body get hotter as they lived together and she worked out regularly
* I tossed in the glasses into the transformation as I decided piercings and hair color alone weren’t enough
* My editor strongly suggested cutting back the section about Curt and I did so
* Originally, Ryan was going to switch from EE to business. I thought his job prospects as a business major were too iffy for the final scene. Then it was going to be Computer Science. But I discovered that UW-Madison doesn’t have a computer science department. So it became Civil Engineering
* I had in there for a while Ryan struggling to think of what to say to her at night besides “You’re a great sister” and then the last line of the story was “Nicole, you’re a great wife.” It didn’t sound right and I eventually went with something else

Any other stories?
* I picked a town for them to be from – Omro, WI
* Originally, Nicole graduated on a Saturday and then I discovered that Omro held their graduation on a Sunday. Sunday worked better with the timeline
* I got most of the info on what it is like for a guy to breastfeed from here

Author’s notes for “My Daughter Interrupts My Work”

I am thinking that I will use the format for the initial post about a story. Let’s see how it goes.

What was the inspiration for this story?
No inspiration for the story. The inspiration for Jillian is Baily Bradshaw. “Jillian” probably comes from the fitness celebrity.

What do I particularly like about this story?
I think it is funny. I laughed quite a bit thinking up this story. At first, Jillian is comedy relief as the work situation gets more and more serious. I hope that when people read “She had finally asked for too much. I was putting my foot down. I needed to show her that I was the parent here and that I was in charge.”, they think, “Oh yeah. That’s not going to happen.”

What do I think I might get grief about?
Three things:
1. The networking stuff is nonsense. I know very little about network security beyond what a network user knows
2. Jillian being a shallow gold-digger
3. Pedo overtones of the story

What were the inspirations for the sex scenes?
Fucking on the floor is different than fucking on a bed. I looked around for some sex scenes of people fucking on the floor and didn’t have a lot of luck. The ones I found were:
* A scene in “The Young Like It Hot” were an operator gets fucked on the floor while talking on the phone to a guy who is jerking off
* Here
* Here

Major editing changes for the story as it was written?
When I usually write a story, I have some scenes worked out and piece them together as I write. This story, I had everything worked out in my head before I wrote word one. I can’t think of any plot changes that occurred while I wrote.

The one major editing change was what the characters called each other. Originally, he called her “Princess” and she called him “Daddy”. I decided that “Princess” sounded too juvenile and globally changed “Princess” to “Jillian”. I wasn’t sure if “Daddy” or “Dad” was more appropriate. I searched literotica for Father/Daughter stories and found “Daddy” to be almost universally used. Still, I decided to go with “Dad” and globally changed “Daddy” to “Dad”. As I was editing the story after the change to see how it work, I came to one place where “Dad” didn’t work at all. I globally changed “Dad” back to “Daddy”.

I struggled a lot with the italicized first sentence. I wanted to give readers a sense that this was different than my other stories and that it was meant to be a light, almost humorous story. My first attempts at the message came across as “this story sucks compared to my other stories.”

Any other stories?
* I generally don’t read father/daughter stories. They’re okay, but I prefer other types of incest stories
* I was writing a long brother/sister story to be called “Working with Little Sister” when I got the idea of this story. I eventually put that story on hold to write this story in order to get this story out of my head

How did I start to write erotica?

It started with an idea for a fantasy novel. Fantasy is probably my favorite genre and I had created in my head a complete world. There was a rationale for magic. The novel had what I thought were interesting characters, an interesting world, some great scenes, a lot of depth with discussions of “big issues”. No sex.

And I did absolutely nothing on the story. I didn’t know where to start. It was just too big of a project for me to tackle.

Then I got an idea for a romance novel. Female protagonist. Very interesting male lead. Lots of interesting secondary characters. Big sex scene at the end where she finally realizes that she is in love with male lead. May be a sex scene in the middle with a guy-who-is-wrong-for-her.

I got some books on writing. I signed up for NaNoWriMo. I got a few chapters done. Then I realized that while there were lots of very interesting characters in the book, the protagonist wasn’t one of them. I haven’t touched the story since.

Then I got an idea for an erotic novel about two cousins who have sex once a year when he “helps her with her taxes”. I started banging out chapters with an eye to publishing it on literotica.com. Here is my first post on the literotica forums asking for an editor:

Looking for an editor for a novel length taboo story
I hope this plea for an editor is appropriate. I looked at the editor list, read some bios and had no idea who would want to help out on such a project.

The story will be 11 chapters. Chapters 1-3 are ready for editing and Chapter 4 is close. I have a lot of the scenes written for the other chapters.

Word counts:
Ch 1 – 4556
Ch 2 – 4469
Ch 3 – 7469
Ch 4 – 11745 and rising

I expect the whole thing to be around 100k words when done.

The story is about Johnny, Emily and Janet. Johnny is the main character, narrator and boring, nice guy. Emily is his cousin and is the archtype of the happy homemaker. Janet is his girlfriend/wife and is the archtype of the committed businesswoman. The story covers over 20 years and is about their happy times and struggles. At the end, they all live happily ever after.

One of my goals is for the story to be realistic. People do everything for a reason. They are all struggling to attain their dreams and sometimes make mistakes. I tried to make the characters realistic. For example, Emily is short and flat chested. And at some point, it is important that she is short and flat chested. Johnny and Emily have a taboo relationship and struggle with that fact through out the story.

There is a lot of social commentary and implied advice. Nothing too preachy I think. For example, I talk one point briefly about why sexual relationships between cousins are taboo today even though there really isn’t any biological reason for that.

The first three chapters are “set up and sex”, “set up and sex”, and “set up and sex”. Each chapter ends with an important sex scene. The fourth chapter goes into a lot of character development. Chapters 6 and 7 are about the characters’ struggles once they have kids and their marriages go South. The rest of the story is about their struggles to forge a happy life together.

I have never written anything of this length. I have never really ever written any fiction. But I have caught the bug recently and this is a story I want to tell. It may very well suck.

So if you are interested in helping me out, let me know.

No one replied.

At some point I realized that as I probably sucked at writing, starting my writing with a novel-length story was a bad idea. I decided to write a short story, get some feedback from that, learn to write better and once I was a good-enough author, then go back to the novel-length story.

“Heather and Michael” was the first short story.