12/18 Writing status

“Cruise Double Date With My Sister” is over 30K words, making it the longest story I have written. I am getting close to finishing the first draft. A lot of cruise details that I am unsure of. I posted a question about gambling on cruise ships to one of the Literotica.com forums here. I generally like lots of things to be happening in my stories, but the whole second half of the story is Thomas the brother, Caitlin the sister and Rebecca Thomas’ girlfriend hanging out in a cabin.

12/12 Writing status

“Cruise Double Date With My Sister” is up to 19K words. I’m guessing another 10K more. I’ve started at the beginning and am writing sequentially now. I’m at the end of day 3 of the cruise. The first pass of the ending is done, but I need to re-write to match what I have written since I wrote it.

I have two more comments on “My Daughter Interrupts My Work”:

Sexy, and written well enough, but you have to make a story believable for it to be enjoyable, this one fell way short of the mark on that one. Change it the stock market, instead of the NATIONAL FUCKING DEFENCE GRID… or something else important, that could happen.. the DOD isn’t going to allow a homebound with that kind of access. ……….. So tired of stories that couldn’t happen! (yes I know this is fiction, but grow a brain.)

bull shit story
national security at risk and this shit going on , to much shit for a dollar

Hopefully the first comment explains why the scores are so low – people didn’t find it believable.

In ways, “My Daughter Interrupts My Work” has been a disaster and in ways it has done well. It’s score has been steadily rising from about 3.77 on Day 1 to 4.00 on Day 8. It has garnered only four comments and no PM’s, which are the primary thing I write for. It’s not getting a lot of votes – it has 216 votes whereas “Sister Has a Plan” had 728 votes on Day 8. But it is getting a decent number of views – 38,617 compared to 50,798 views for “Sister Has a Plan” on Day 8. I thought “My Daughter Interrupts My Work” wouldn’t get much views as I don’t read stories with a score below 4.

“My Daughter Interrupts My Work” got published yesterday

Very disappointing results. A 3.76 score and only four comments. Two of the comments I deleted as they were ads for some porn email. No PM’s.

First comment was:

Well done!!
A very sexy account of what now happens much more often than we expect, – and why not!

Second comment was:

If he really was that important …
… his home computer would be in a secure room and would not be accessible to any randy bird who happened to be wandering round!
Sorry, total rubbish!

The story wasn’t what I typically write, but I thought it was much better than a sub-four score. I don’t read stories with that low of a score.

12/2 Writing Status

I have been having problems getting “My Daughter Interrupts My Work” published. I have been trying to reference this blog in the Author’s Notes at the end of the story and I have been getting rejected. I have changed it so that I say “See my Literotica profile for extended author’s notes” in the Author’s Notes and my Literotica profile says, “I have a blog that has extended author’s notes for my stories and other stuff at https://eightletterserotica.wordpress.com”. Hopefully, that will get approval.

I am working on “Cruise Doubledate With My Sister” and am up to 7.7K words. One of the things I like about writing is that I make A lead to B then B and C lead to D and before you know, two people who shouldn’t be fucking each other are. This story has lots of little set ups for action that happens later. It has a lot of scenes I like. Instead of writing the story linearly, I am writing the scene I feel like writing at the time. I may writing the beginning last. The story is an eight day cruise and the earliest in the story I have something written for is day four.