Frustrations with helping other writers

Two days ago, I got this private message on

I have written quite a number of fantasies for Literotica and had some nice comments. I am always struggling to get the red blocks though and could do with some guidance

I wrote back:

Any reason why you asked me?

I prefer incest stories. I could look at a couple of your stories and give you some feedback. When I give feedback, I prefer to be brutally honest, but I know a lot of people can’t handle that level of criticism. What kind of feedback are you looking for?

Let me offer some generic advice without reading your stories:
* Don’t start with paragraphs of narrative summary describing how wonderful the person to be seduced is and then follow that with paragraphs of narrative summary describing the seducer
* Start with an interesting scene
* Tells us why these people are available. I don’t like stories where two drop-dead gorgeous people haven’t dated anyone in years and are just waiting for the other to express interest
* Have some tension in the story. There should be more to the seduction than “Nice shoes.” “Thanks. Let’s fuck.”
* Read Write Incest like a Mother Fucker

She replied:

I honestly would like you to be brutally honest. One problem I have is that I am from England and I tend to use words which I find exciting to myself. Such as Mummy and knickers and things like that.
I do have a few red blocks but it is always a struggle.

I missed the red flags that she didn’t respond to any of my questions or suggestions.

I sent her feedback on some of her stories. I followed up with a request that she read what I have done on a story set in England and let me know if it makes sense from the perspective of someone who lives in England. Crickets.

I try to be helpful to other authors, but I have had only one return the favor. It’s rather frustrating as I think that my writing is at the level that it’s going to need some expert feedback to improve.

1/2 Writing Status

I hit my limit with “Cruise Double Date With My Sister” and am taking a breaking to write a new story. “My Brother Is My Inspiration” is a brother-sister story told from the sister’s point of view. She’s a painfully shy eighteen year old who writes for release. When she tells her older brother that she is been making money from a novel she has published on the Internet, he takes her seriously as a writer. As she has very little experience with boys, she turns to her brother to do “research”. They pursue other people, decide that they love the other and then the usual stuff happens. Over 10K written. It could wind up as big as “Cruise Double Date With My Sister”. I’m writing it sequentially. Well see which story I finish first.