Head hopping

Headhopping refers to writing where the point of view whips back and forth between multiple characters within a scene. I joined a discussion of it on Literotica here. That discussion was about an article here.

I think head hopping offers a lot of advantages for erotic stories, primarily that the reader can experience the sex from both participant’s point of view. A story that does a great job of that is Family Night Ch 01. In that story, the mom is reluctant and the son is determined, so it was very interesting for me to see the seduction from both points of view.

I haven’t used head hopping in my stories. I’ve stuck to one point of view for the whole story or chapter. The primary reason for that is to me, incest stories are like a mystery – is the other person interested having sex with me even though it’s taboo? The Quarterback’s Little Sister is a good story with a lot of head hopping, but the head hopping makes it clear that both the brother and the sister are hot for the other and that it’s only a matter of time before they fuck. To me, it takes a lot of the sexual tension out of the story.

“Cruise Doubledate With My Sister” is narrated by the brother Thomas. It will have a big section that is narrated by his former girlfriend Rebecca. Originally, I had Rebecca tell that information to Thomas and his sister Caitlin after Thomas and Rebecca had sex. The problem with that was that it was basically a long speech that was kind of an afterthought. I created a new scene well before that where Rebecca goes through all the same thoughts. By doing that, I think I foreshadow more effectively Thomas and Rebecca getting back together. And because it’s Rebecca’s thoughts, I could put some stuff in there that explain the final sex scene that I wouldn’t have been able to if it was Rebecca telling Thomas and Caitlin the same information.

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