The reception of “Cruise Doubledate With My Sister” so far

The statistics so far “Cruise Doubledate With My Sister” are very similar to “Sister Has a Plan” two days after it was published:
Stat – Cruise / Sister
Score – 4.62 / 4.62
Votes – 551 / 607
Views – 37607 / 37686
Comments – 19 / 14

I think “Cruise” is a much better story than “Sister”. In “Sister”, Nicole moves in, Ryan falls in love with her, then he does nothing for a while until he figures out how to tell her that he loves her. There isn’t much action and most of the story is Ryan and Nicole talking. In “Cruise”, something is always happening, though it might not be obvious how it relates to Thomas and Caitlin’s relationship. I think the last two sex scenes in “Cruise” are hotter than the sex scenes in “Sister”.

On the other hand, I think “Cruise” is a much more controversial story than “Sister”. Other than one comment that said “Sister” was boring, the few criticisms in the comments for “Sister” were minor quibbles. On the other hand, “Cruise” brought out a number of pointed comments. The main thing that commenters didn’t like was:

Thomas was non-confrontational


I have said it before, and I will say it again: what is going on nowadays; that just most erotica writers present the male character as an emasculated, almost castrated personage, while the female is the initiator, the persuer, the strong one. Fuck! I’m sick of that shit.

I understand that this is fantasy, that the author can present his/her story anyway they feel. But by the same token, I feel that if you are going to present a scenario, at least try to make an effort to insert some realism into it. They probably exist, but in my over 60 years of existence, I have never known, or met a single human being, specially a male one, who would be such a fucking wuss, as to even consider the scenario, as the one that unfolded is this story, after Rebecca had her epiphany. No fucking way. You would have to be a spineless slime.

i think most of us were looking for the sibling happy ending love story not this pussyfied version.he should have slapped the shit out of jacob

not confronting jacob about anything made him look like a 6 foot 3 pussy,they let the idiot(jaco) get away with everything bit a hard to believe(99.9% of people would of punched the shit out of him)

Other criticisms
The rest of the criticism was a mixed bag:

I was on that cruise. Um, with different baggage.

OK story.

she should have slapped the shit out of rebecca.then for her to leave her card active on the room is too stupid for a bank employing to forget.there would be no getting back together EVER and all her friends in boston would have heard about her trick turning ass too.

The story was definitely a good read, but I was hoping for more. The sex scenes seemed nonexistent. You could tell where the story was going after Rebecca’s remorseful story.

Well written, 4 stars. But I can’t make it a 5 because of Rebecca’s attitude in assuming she will win Thomas back, and sloppy seconds. He took many months to be with her and she has sex constantly the same day (and week) she drops him. I can’t get over that. Her moral high ground attitude turned me completely off.

But like this comments going to be,the story was way way to long
Probably didn’t need every detail of everything they did on excursions or how long it took for them to become lovers,bit over the top with the gambling crap #really maxing her card for $200 which is not a whole lot of money considering how much cruises cost…and why did they have to make up story for everyone in boston!?!?
no-one else they knew was on cruise and the old man story telling a story #WTF
Hope you continue with this story but just keep out the unnessesary crap from it.
& oh hope you post it ASAP

My favorite comment so far

You know it was long, but I like that.

It gives time to deepen the understanding of the characters. For example I was having a hard time with this obviously sexually repressed woman domineering a seemingly spineless man. I was wondering how you were going to make this sexy. After seeing how he was with his sister, and how he handled confronting his girlfriend made his character make a lot more sense to me. Actually I came to see his reaction of how, in hindsight, I wished I had reacted to similar disappointments in my life, rather than having justifiably taking the low road instead. At first I thought “what a bitch” when she pulled her little switch but given her reflections I could see where she was coming from. Even empathize with her.

The sex was well written and had the intended effect but it was secondary to the story. And that’s kind of refreshing. Last thing, I was raised in a strict fundamentalist family. I am not religious at all anymore. I thought it was with a respectful sensitivity that you had her ask her parents to pray for them.

Anyway, well done!

To hear that someone found the story so enjoyable and that it actually made them think about how they should have handled things differently – it doesn’t get better than that.