7/20 I got mail!

I had three messages this morning. One was someone volunteering to be a beta-reader and the other two were feedback on my story, “My Daughter Interrupts My Work”.

First comment:

Loved this… Maybe have daddy a lil Dom persona?? Teach daughter some limitations…

Second comment:

Oh my gosh the story about Jillian just drove me over the edge! You are very good at this… You made me very hot. I would love to talk to you about other stories you have written.

I replied to the second commenter:

I was in the middle of writing another story when the idea for that story came to mind and I couldn’t get it out of my head. I thought it was a very hot story, but it hasn’t been nearly as popular as my other stories.

The second commenter sent me a couple of emails and I replied:

You wrote:
> I loved it!!
> How do you get inspiration for your stories? Are they all from experience?

All from my imagination. The idea for a story will just pop into my head. I’ll spend some time working it out, expanding things and then I’ll decide if the story works or not. I have at least a half-dozen stories that I have plotted out in my head and have started on, but haven’t finished. Most are brother-sister stories. In real life, I don’t have a sister.

> I shouldn’t have bothered you… I’m sure you tons of emails every day about your stories…

Actually, I rarely get emails, which is sad as comments and emails are my only rewards for writing and are what most motivate me to write. I think the more established writers on LitE that regularly publish stories get lots of emails, but I don’t published often enough to have much of an audience.

If you ever read a story you like, write a comment or send the author a PM telling them how much you like the story.