Thoughts on additional chapters for “My Day as a Pool Boy”

In the comments for the story, there are several requests for a sequel or more chapters. I don’t have any plans to do one, but I thought I’d share some thoughts on what I could write.

Dylan, Emily and Alex have to make a number of decisions right away. One would be how will Dylan and Emily interact now that they are lovers. I’d say that they would decide that Dylan and Emily should try to act as normal brother and sister except when they are alone with Alex. I would say that Alex’s goal (and Dylan will go along with this) is to prepare Emily to re-enter the dating world when she goes off to college. A corollary to that is that Emily and Dylan plan to have sex only this summer. There could be some struggles with that, temptations, regret over giving his sister up, etc.

The next decision is who to tell that Dylan and Alex are an item. I’d have them keep it a secret. Definitely not tell Dylan’s parents as he is grounded and having his girlfriend come over every day isn’t compatible with that. After the grounding is over, it would probably still be in everyone’s interest to not let Dylan’s parents know that they are dating as his parents wouldn’t be happy with Alex coming over every day unsupervised if she was Dylan’s girlfriend. Also, I think people would be more understanding of Alex and Emily spending time alone if they didn’t know that Dylan and Alex were an item. Plus Dylan and Alex love to flirt and flirting works best if you aren’t know to be an item.

With all the said, the only way for an new chapter to be interesting to people is if someone else gets involved. The obvious suspect is Dakota. So the next day, Alex, Dakota and Faith come over; Faith leaves; everyone else has sex.

Now that problem with that is that it really breaks the logic of the story. The first day is all about Alex, Emily and Dylan showing their love for each other. If Dakota gets added in, then the story becomes about having hot sex.

Looking a little longer term, extending the story is going to hit the problem that the relationship will end when everyone goes off to college. Alex is going to a different college than Emily (and probably Dylan) and she’ll want to focus on her studies full-time. If Emily is healed by the end of the summer, she’ll want to date.

I have thought long-term about the set up and I have this elaborate story in my head that takes Alex, Emily and Dylan to middle age. Alex becomes a world-renowned eye surgeon. Emily becomes a manufacturers rep for companies that sell to dentists. She has no interest in having a serious romantic relationship, so enjoys having sex with Dylan when Alex is too busy (which is most of the time). Faith turns out to have been Alex’s first female lover and is gay, though she marries Elijah anyway. Elijah is killed by cops in one of those cops-mistook-unarmed-man-to-be-armed shootings. She winds up marrying Dylan and having two kids with him. Alex, Emily, Faith and Dylan live happily in a big home together. It’s a rambling story without any climactic sex scenes that make good erotica so I’ll never take the time to write it down, but I’ve enjoyed thinking about it.

An overview of my stories

All but one of my stories are brother-sister incest stories with the brother being older (except when he is a twin). In order of publication:
Heather and Michael (Ch 1, Ch 2, Ch 3) – Story of twins who eventually go on a camping trip. I should have published chapters 1 and 2 as one story. I started a sequel, did the first chapter (Ch 3) and then abandoned it. Someday, I’ll delete all of these, buff up the first two chapters then post them as one story, and then post the sequel as a Chapter 2

Cycling Weekends With Sis – my most popular story in terms of comments and views. Cycling was a very popular subject

Sister Has A Plan – This story covers the longest time period of any of my stories and has the brother gradually falling in love with his sister. Probably my second most popular story

My Daughter Interrupts My Work – My only Dad/Daughter story. I meant it to be somewhat humorous. It received by far the poorest reception of all of my work

Cruise Doubledate With My Sister – I consider this my best story with the hottest sex. It’s by far my longest at nine pages. It’s also my most controversial with half of the comments critical of the story

My Day As A Pool Boy – my latest. I think this one pulls at heart strings more than my other stories

Authors Notes for “My Day As A Pool Boy”

What was the inspiration for this story?
In the “Story Feedback” forum on, I was thinking of creating a thread where people post a link to their incest story and I would write a review of that. I was going to start the thread with some do’s and don’ts. I decide I would use a sample story to demonstrate what to do and what not to do. A pool party story with a brother and sister. Then, Boom!, I had a plot for a story for the Summer Lovin’ contest. It was short enough that I thought I could get in written in time.

I wrote the first draft in three days, which is much, much faster than I have ever written a LitE story before. With editing and such, I didn’t get it submitted on time, but I did get it submitted only a few days late.

As for the characters, no particular inspiration. I wanted each of the women to be different, so I picked a different hair color, hair length and bikini color for each. The names were all from the Social Security baby name list.

What do I particularly like about this story?
This is my first story were the main male character was not an introvert. This is also my first story with a MFF threesome. Most MFF threesome stories seemed forced to me – Alice is crazy about Bill, so she encourages him to have sex with Cindy. As he is about to have sex with Cindy, Alice and Cindy – who have been straight all their lives – suddenly develop a deep sexual desire for each other. Total nonsense – people are possessive of their lovers and Alice would be more likely to kill Cindy than to have sex with her. Hopefully, the set up for the MFF threesome seems realistic.

What do I think I might get grief about?
I felt I rushed the story to get it into the contest. Hopefully that didn’t significantly affect the end product.

What were the inspirations for the sex scenes?

What of note got cut from this story

Major editing changes for the story as it was written?
* Originally, Dylan was named Ryan and Dakota was named Madison. Then I realized that I had used Ryan and Madison for names of major characters in other stories
* In the first draft, Dylan didn’t talk much to the girls. He talks with Alex briefly a few times and then she wants to him to put sunscreen all over her body. I expanded the story to have Dylan do a lot of talking with the girls.

Any other notes?
I do many passes through a story. I thought I had the story basically done after I incorporated the changes from my editor, then I did one last pass and made lots of little changes. It amazes me how I can notice so many little errors that I didn’t notice on an earlier pass.

8/17 Writing Status

“My Day As A Pool Boy” has gone to the editor. I sent it to him yesterday. This morning, I added ten more paragraphs. I’ll keep honing it while the editor looks at it. Hopefully I’ll submit it on time for the Summer Lovin’ contest. After that, I’m not sure what I’ll write.

8/13 Writing Status

I’ve finished the rough draft of a new story. I wrote it in three days, which is a record for me. It’s a brother-sister entitled, “My Day As A Pool Boy”. While I wrote it, I intended it for Literotica’s Summer Lovin’ Contest, but when I finished I realized that it is sent too early in the early to probably qualify. Right now, the story is 3 Literotica pages long.

I’m in the middle of two other stories. I had hoped to sumbit both to the Summer Lovin’ Contest, but neither are close to finish. Both will probably finish in the neighbor of 30K words (10 Literotica pages), which takes a long, long time for me to write. I got the first half of “My European Summer Vacation” done a few days ago and sent it to someone to review.