Realism in porn stories

I posted this in a thread on the Literotica Author’s Hangout Forum:
I have a dad/daughter story (My Daughter Interrupts My Work) that I meant as a lighthearted story. The dad is a network administrator for a military classified network. In the story, there’s a problem when he’s at home and he checks on it from his apartment.

Some comments I have gotten:

Sexy, and written well enough, but you have to make a story believable for it to be enjoyable, this one fell way short of the mark on that one. Change it the stock market, instead of the NATIONAL FUCKING DEFENCE GRID… or something else important, that could happen.. the DOD isn’t going to allow a homebound with that kind of access. ……….. So tired of stories that couldn’t happen! (yes I know this is fiction, but grow a brain.)

bull shit story
national security at risk and this shit going on , to much shit for a dollar

Stick to stuff you know about
Clearly you don’t know anything about military security. This is nothing even resembling a military network. Just for starters you can’t have a classified computer in a non classified building. Don’t write about things you know nothing about. Makes you look like an idiot.

Yeah, I should stick to realistic stuff I know about like guys with 12″ dicks fucking 18 year olds with GG tits.

The reader comments on that story really annoyed me as I thought it was a good story and I've felt that it's rating is far too low for the quality of the story. On the other hand, I've been bothered recently about unrealistic parts of other incest stories.

I think you have to suspend disbelief for story set up
Okay, so the network administrator working from home is apparently illegal. Well, there are lots of stories and movies whose premises are nonsensical. I loved “Kingsmen”, but the idea that there is an independent high-tech spy agency that no government knows about is laughable. “Inside Out” provides a model of how our personalities work that doesn’t hold up to the slightest scrutiny. The upcoming move “The Good Dinosaur” features a young boy and a dinosaur having fun together, when humans didn’t appear until well, well after all the dinosaurs were gone. In the novel “Goldfinger”, Goldfinger tries to steal all the gold from Ft. Knox. The movie “Goldfinger” points that it is physically impossible to haul that much gold in a reasonable amount of time.

So, I’m taking the position that readers should be willing to suspend a large amount of disbelief when it comes to story premises as long as the story is consistent with the premise.

I’m a lot less forgiving about plot holes
I recently read a story about a Mom who’s wearing a sundress (which I presume is made of cotton) and sits on her son’s lap in the back seat of the car while her husband drives. Sitting on her son’s lap gets her so sexually excited that she produces enough vaginal fluids to soak her thong panties and to get the front of her son’s shorts wet. She gets out of the car in front of her husband, who doesn’t know that she’s been that sexually excited. But if she produced that much vaginal fluid, she should have a massive wet spot on her sundress, something her husband wouldn’t miss as she backed out of the car. The rest of the story had lots of other plot points that I thought were unrealistic (without the mom noticing, the son raises the mom’s sundress up high enough that when she sits back down on him its her naked butt against him) or were physically impossible (he buries his whole cock into her while sitting upright in a cramped car’s backseat).

In “Cruise Doubledate With My Sister”, several people commented that Rebecca was far too accepting of Thomas and Caitlin fucking. I should have addressed that in the story. To me, she’s accepting of it has she has no choice – she’s cut ties with Jacob and is fully committed to winning back Thomas. If she blows up about Thomas and Caitlin having sex, she’s lost her chance at winning back Thomas and her world is in ruins. Like I said, I should have addressed this in the story, probably be putting her musing about the chance that Thomas and Caitlin were lovers while the story was from her point of view.

9/8 My inventory of partially written stories

“Working with Little Sister” – a brother/sister where the brother owns a company where his sister works. Long, long setup before there’s sex. At 12.7k words. I’m currently working on this

“An Incestuous Murder Mystery” – A murder mystery with lots of incestuous sex. I’ve never written murder mystery so I’m not sure how it would work. At over 7K words.

“Diviner” – a fantasy story. I’ve always enjoyed reading fantasy and it’s my first attempt at a erotic fantasy story. At 6K words

“Helping My Cousin With Her Taxes” – This is the first erotic story I started and would probably wind up as a long novel. As it has both a incestuous and non-incestuous relationship, I’m not sure how much of an audience it would have and where I would publish it. I have it laid out currently by scenes, so I can’t give a word count currently but I would guess around 30K written so far

“Working My Way Up the Family Ladder” – A guy has affairs with his cousin, then his sister, then his mom. The cousin section is mostly written. I think it’s pretty hot with some fun fluttering. The rest of the story strikes me as limp.

“Heather and Michael” – I split the initial story into two chapters and published that. It was the first story I published. I then envisioned a sequel that would add three more chapters. I published the third chapter. The fourth chapter is mostly written and I published it here. What I would like to do is to bring the first three chapters up to my current standard of writing and finish the sequel. Then I would delete the three chapters on Literotica, publish the first two chapters as one story and then published the sequel as a one-story sequel.

“My Brother Is My Inspiration” – I had intended this as an entry in the 2015 Summer Lovin’ contest. Perhaps I’ll submit it for the 2016 contest. It’s at 18.6K words and will probably end up around 30K.

“My European Summer Vacation” – Another story I as an entry in the 2015 Summer Lovin’ contest. It’s at 14.5K words. It’s about an American who goes to Cork, Ireland and falls for a girl there. I sent the current version of the story to someone I correspond with whose very familiar with Cork to ask for help with the dialogue and I haven’t gotten anything back.

“Mystery Man” – a romance with sci-fi overtones set in Newcastle upon Tyne. I’d like to find someone who’s familiar with Newcastle upon Tyne to help me with the story. At 5.5K words

I have a number of other story ideas that I haven’t started writing on.