9/8 My inventory of partially written stories

“Working with Little Sister” – a brother/sister where the brother owns a company where his sister works. Long, long setup before there’s sex. At 12.7k words. I’m currently working on this

“An Incestuous Murder Mystery” – A murder mystery with lots of incestuous sex. I’ve never written murder mystery so I’m not sure how it would work. At over 7K words.

“Diviner” – a fantasy story. I’ve always enjoyed reading fantasy and it’s my first attempt at a erotic fantasy story. At 6K words

“Helping My Cousin With Her Taxes” – This is the first erotic story I started and would probably wind up as a long novel. As it has both a incestuous and non-incestuous relationship, I’m not sure how much of an audience it would have and where I would publish it. I have it laid out currently by scenes, so I can’t give a word count currently but I would guess around 30K written so far

“Working My Way Up the Family Ladder” – A guy has affairs with his cousin, then his sister, then his mom. The cousin section is mostly written. I think it’s pretty hot with some fun fluttering. The rest of the story strikes me as limp.

“Heather and Michael” – I split the initial story into two chapters and published that. It was the first story I published. I then envisioned a sequel that would add three more chapters. I published the third chapter. The fourth chapter is mostly written and I published it here. What I would like to do is to bring the first three chapters up to my current standard of writing and finish the sequel. Then I would delete the three chapters on Literotica, publish the first two chapters as one story and then published the sequel as a one-story sequel.

“My Brother Is My Inspiration” – I had intended this as an entry in the 2015 Summer Lovin’ contest. Perhaps I’ll submit it for the 2016 contest. It’s at 18.6K words and will probably end up around 30K.

“My European Summer Vacation” – Another story I as an entry in the 2015 Summer Lovin’ contest. It’s at 14.5K words. It’s about an American who goes to Cork, Ireland and falls for a girl there. I sent the current version of the story to someone I correspond with whose very familiar with Cork to ask for help with the dialogue and I haven’t gotten anything back.

“Mystery Man” – a romance with sci-fi overtones set in Newcastle upon Tyne. I’d like to find someone who’s familiar with Newcastle upon Tyne to help me with the story. At 5.5K words

I have a number of other story ideas that I haven’t started writing on.

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