I got a comment!

Thank you, Steven, for your comment. When I created this blog, I was hoping for comments like that.

Many cruises are 8 days and have hand scooped ice cream shops. Some are free, some are aka cart.

Good to hear. I did check and no cruise that I could find had the itinerary I gave in the story.

You got the cruise details pretty good, but most cruises have lots of activities like comedy shows and theater that everyone does. Since you go into such great detail, seems strange your characters just ate, swam, gambled and danced.

Caitlin and Thomas went to a show every night. Their typical schedule was excursion, lunch on board, work out, shower, nap, dinner, show, dancing, midnight snack, more dancing. It seemed like a decent schedule to me.

I agree with a lot of the criticism that the lies at the end to have a story made 0 sense. Why on Earth did they have to tell people they broke up on the cruise??

People are expecting them to have had an incredible time on the cruise and that the Rebecca and Thomas would be eager to telling glowing stories about their adventures. Rebecca and Thomas weren’t going to be able to do that. Rebecca in particular doesn’t want to lie to people. So it made sense to me for Rebecca and Thomas to plan on telling people that didn’t have a good time on the cruise because they broke up for a while and consequently don’t want to talk about the cruise.

The old guy’s story was also very pointless.

Okay. I thought it was important that Rebecca to get a pointed reminder of how much she hurt Thomas.

I get that Rebecca had to accept him fucking his sister or else, but from prude to incest accepting, threesome having girlfriend in 30 seconds makes her entirely unrealistic.

I don’t headhop in my stories and that was a section where headhopping would have helped a lot.

I’m glad that you picked up that Rebecca had to accept Thomas had fucked his sister as she had burnt her bridges with Jacob and had no place to go. Also, she didn’t feel that she could criticize Thomas having sex with Caitlin when she had had sex with Jacob so quickly after getting back together.

Finding out that Thomas had had sex with Caitlin made Rebecca feel very inadequate sexually. Jacob had gone on and on about how much better Caitlin was at sex than she was and now Thomas had had sex with Caitlin and would be comparing Rebecca to her. So she was feeling the need for sex lessons to narrow the gap between herself and Caitlin. And I tried to make it clear that she didn’t feel up to having sex again that last morning.

That major reason she wanted to do the quasi-threesome was discussed at the end of section from her point of view. “Yes, he’d forgive but he’d never forget. The wound would still be there; their love would be a shadow of what it was before. But what could she do? All she could do was love him. No, she had to do more than that. She’d have to demonstrate her love for him with something so incredible that it would knock the memory of her betrayal out of his heart. She’d have to be brave and seize the opportunity to do so when it came.” Letting Thomas have sex one more time with Caitlin while she cheered him on was the something so incredible. I tried to make that clear by having Rebecca say, “Is this a good way to kiss and make up?”

As for Rebecca suggesting sex lessons again, she still feels guilty enough about dumping Thomas and cheating on him that she feels having Caitlin visit would even things up more. Having Caitlin visit would be another incredible memory that would keep the bad memories of the cruise away. Also, Caitlin had convinced her of the important of a good sex life to a relationship so Rebecca does want to get better at having sex. Lastly, Rebecca wasn’t seeing any harmful effects in her relationship with Thomas from letting Thomas have the one last fuck and was seeing a number of benefits – better sex, better communication and they were engaged. Rebecca was hoping having Caitlin visit again would result in strengthening her relationship with Thomas just like the one last fuck did.

I hope that makes sense.