Plans for “Cycling Weekends with Sis”

ekheil left a comment yesterday:

i hope u continue writing the riding bike with sister that was great hope ur write other parts

I have an idea for a sequel. It’s somewhere on my list of stories to write. “Cycling Weekends with Sis” was one of my first stories and I’ve learned a lot about writing since then. When I do write the sequel, I’ll revise “Cycling Weekends with Sis” to bring it up to my standards, delete the old version and publish the new version, then publish the sequel.

5 thoughts on “Plans for “Cycling Weekends with Sis”

  1. Brent, one of Josh’s best friends – someone who almost made the US cycling team but now is a financial advisor – has a cycling accident where he shatters the bones in both hands. His sister Margaret comes out from New York to care for him. Margaret is a fashion designer who has worked in unpaid internships for years. Their wealthy father tells Brent to tell her that he is no longer going to support her and she needs to find a job/husband. Julie loves fashion shows and is an amazing seamstress – she makes all of her own clothes and Josh’s pants as he can’t find any that fit him. Julie and Margaret bond. Margaret designs some clothes for Julie, Julie makes them and they have lots of fun. Margaret decides to try to start a fashion line for women of small stature with Julie as a model. They spend lots of time with Julie in just her underwear. Margaret tries to set Julie up with Brent but she refuses. There’s a trip to New York where the four siblings attend a high-end party. Margaret uses the party to entice women to attend the first showing of her new fashion line. Josh makes up a high-tech start up and Brent winds up lining up millions in start up funding. In a limo after the party, Brent tells Josh that with him as CFO, Margaret as the woman behind the CEO and their parents’ connections, that Josh could launch that business. At Brent and Margaret’s parent’s residence (they are out of town), Brent goes to bed and Margaret closes his door, effectively locking him in his room. Julie and Margaret celebrate their success with Josh. Julie eventually seduces Margaret, Josh fucks her while Julie tells Margaret that their all one family now.


  2. first point the sex between margaret and josh will maket more hard to brent to his lost
    2 brent and his job as financial advisor in which part of the country and the parents
    3 where r u going with margaret and brent as both bro- sis and finance advisor and fashion designer and


  3. ehiel, I am not sure I followed your last comment. Brent, Josh and Julie live in some unnamed large city like St. Louis. Brent and Margaret have a complicated relationship, but there’s no bro-sis romance like Josh and Julie have.


  4. ok i didn’t undrrstand the complicated relationship but u let brent has out (has no relationship ) r their complication evants in the story


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