I’ve started a new brother-sister story

I just need to finish editing “My European Summer Vacation”, but I haven’t been able to motivate myself to do it. As it is mainly set in Ireland and the main character is Irish, I feel uncomfortable about getting everything right. Or maybe the story is just too big. For whatever reason, I have been able to summon the energy to finish buffing it up to the point that it’s good enough to get an editor involved.

The new story is about Todd and Ashlynne Chevrolet. He’s just finishing his sophomore year in college and wrestled in high school. She’s a high school senior cheerleader captain. The story starts with them pulled over by a cop. Todd has just rescued Ashlynne from a date turned bad. They’ve fought constantly their whole lives, but things are different this summer. Ashlynne arranges a blind date for Todd with a cheerleader as a thank you for helping her out of the bad date. And things go on from there. It’s at 15.5K words and I have quite a bit to go. It might finish at around 20K words.

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