7/15 Writing Status

I’ve started the sequel to “My Sister Set Me Up on a Blind Date”. I’ve got 5700 words written. The one time I tried to write a sequel, I ended up abandoning it as it was going to take too long and wasn’t very good. I think this will be a good one. Ashlynne and Todd want to go camping together and their parents invite cousin Deb to go along with them. Fun and hijinks ensue.

7/13 Writing Status

I’ve decided to submit both “My Sister Set Up A Blind Date For Me” and “My European Summer Vacation” to the 2016 Summer Lovin’ contest, which starts August 21st. “My Sister Sets Me Up On a Blind Date” is with an editor and hopefully he’ll finish it soon. I have someone Irish looking at “My European Summer Vacation” to get the Irishness right, then I’ll start the final buffing.The fantasy story is up to 2700 words. I may work on it until is published. If it gets a good response, I may write a sequel.

Some people finally checked in

  • The Irish editor who offered to look over “My European Summer Vacation” sent me his email Saturday. He now has the story
  • The editor that didn’t respond for the longest time responded yesterday. He’s hoping to start editing my story tomorrow or the next day
  • One of my beta-readers replied back to say that he’ll look at the revised version of “My Sister Set Me Up On A Blind Date”, which I sent him on June 10th

Exciting news and bad news

Yesterday, I got a PM:


I accidentally came across your thread. I’m from Cork, Ireland myself (and currently back living there for this year!), and I’d be happy to take a look at your story. I haven’t edited a lit story before, but I have years of editing experience, in academia to peer-reviewed level, and now in industry. I have a pretty busy home life at the moment, but I’m sure that I’d be able to take a decent look and spot anything that sounds inauthentic or jarring.

Let me know if this interests you, and if you have any questions, please ask.

Great! I really want an Irish speaker to read over “My European Summer Vacation” before I publish it. I wrote back, “That would be so awesome. Do you have an email address I can send the story to?” I haven’t heard from him since.


The challenges of asking for help from people over the internet. Over a week ago, I sent “My Sister Set Me Up On A Blind Date” and he never responded. I sent him an email Wednesday morning. Still nothing. So I asked someone else to edit the story for me. He’s got a several week queue in front of him of stories to edit.


I had an interesting idea for a story, “Daddy’s Little Spy”. I wrote 8700 words. I decided to add back somethings I had left out as I wrote it, so I read what I wrote. And I came to the conclusion that the story is just too slow. I’m going to set it aside for now. Perhaps I’ll send it to some beta-readers to get their opinions. Sigh.

Choices for next story

I’m waiting to hear from the editor on “My Sister Sets Me Up On A Blind Date”. I’m getting a little worried since it’s been a while since I sent it to him, but it has been the Fourth of July weekend. I’m working on the extended author’s notes. They are going to be quite long and I’m thinking of posting to the LitE Story Feedback forum.

After that, what’s next? One choice is “My European Summer Vacation”. However, the female lead has a personality that’s too similar to the female lead of “My Sister Sets Me Up On A Blind Date”. Next choice is “My Brother Is My Inspiration”. It’s at 18K words and maybe half done. There’s a fantasy that I have started – maybe 6k words. “Working with Little Sister” is at over 30K words and it is getting close to the final sex scene. However, the beta-readers didn’t like the story so it may remain unfinished.

I’m leaning towards writing a new story that I thought up yesterday, “Daddy’s Little Spy”. It’s a Dad and Daughter story. I think it will be relatively short, which gives it a lot of appeal.