Choices for next story

I’m waiting to hear from the editor on “My Sister Sets Me Up On A Blind Date”. I’m getting a little worried since it’s been a while since I sent it to him, but it has been the Fourth of July weekend. I’m working on the extended author’s notes. They are going to be quite long and I’m thinking of posting to the LitE Story Feedback forum.

After that, what’s next? One choice is “My European Summer Vacation”. However, the female lead has a personality that’s too similar to the female lead of “My Sister Sets Me Up On A Blind Date”. Next choice is “My Brother Is My Inspiration”. It’s at 18K words and maybe half done. There’s a fantasy that I have started – maybe 6k words. “Working with Little Sister” is at over 30K words and it is getting close to the final sex scene. However, the beta-readers didn’t like the story so it may remain unfinished.

I’m leaning towards writing a new story that I thought up yesterday, “Daddy’s Little Spy”. It’s a Dad and Daughter story. I think it will be relatively short, which gives it a lot of appeal.

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