9/28 Writing status

I’ve got the second big chunk of the story done. The second sex session with the aunt and she tells the nephew that she wants him to fuck his step mom. The two chunks make over 12K words that I’ve sent to beta-readers. Initial reviews have been very positive. I’ve got another 9K words written that are out of order. I’d guess this is going to be my biggest story ever.

9/26 Comments and Emails

I recently got this PM:

Would you consider writing a mother/son story?

I wrote back:

I would consider it. I wrote a mother/son story as one of my earlier stories. It was horrible and I never published it. I haven’t had an idea for a mother/son story since.

I found this comment on “Cruise Doubledate With My Sister” funny:

Realistic yet Complicated
Quite a complex set of variables to include in the characters but you did it well. The story was over not as satisfying as your others but the writing was done well. Seemed too complicated for my taste.

“Cruise Doubledate With My Sister” doesn’t strike me as more complicated than my other stories. The huge difference with it is the brother and sister breaks up with the brother going back to his girlfriend.

Another comment I got recently on “Cruise Doubledate With My Sister” I found interesting:

sorry but the stress from the cruise will always be with them
Rebecca will struggle with guilt issues and never be fully engaged no matter how hard she tries. Caitlin would have been the better match for Thomas. Logistics would not have mattered if they wanted it to work. The folks in Boston would have welcomed Rebecca as his new girlfriend. It would have been easier for their parents to accept them being in a relationship than for Rebecca’s family to embrace a non-fundamentalist. Jason was, and will always be, a self centred, egotistical jerk.
A partial reconciliation is less than satisfactory.
They have a rough 10 years ahead of them before everything falls apart.

It’s a story. In my mind, they all live happily ever after. Sounds like the commenter has some personal experience along the lines of his comment.

A comment on “My European Summer Vacation” I found funny:

Well Written
After awhile I began reading for the story instead of the sex. Dammit Man ! That wasn’t supposed to happen. And the sex, yeah that was good too.

Literotica’s Authors Hangout

I was corresponding with another author recently about how we were disappointed with Literotica’s Authors Hangout.

He wrote:

I’ve all but given up on the Author’s Hangout for any sort of useful info.  I thought I’d meet a bunch of cool other writers in there or something, but hasn’t happened.

I wrote:

I’ve been disappointed with the AH as well. There are a few posters that constantly get into fights. it’s hard to have a fun discussion when you know that a fight is likely to break out at any moment.

I also surprised at how little discussion of writing there is. What an ideal AH would be for me is that I could post “Hey, I got an idea for a story,” give the description above and then say that I’m having trouble picturing how the nephew is going to seduce his step mom. Then other authors would toss out their ideas, suggest some stories for me to read, etc.

Then I decided, what the hell?, why not trying doing that?

So I created a thread with the following opening post:

In my story, a 19 year old boy is given the mission of seducing a 34 year old woman. He doesn’t really want to do it. He doesn’t think he can do it as she is married mostly-happily to a well-off husband. But he doesn’t want to disappoint the person who gave him the mission. He eventually does seduce the woman when she finds out her husband is cheating on her.

I’m not so sure on how to write this story. Can anyone give me some suggestions? Or point me to a similar story where this is done well?

Several authors replied that I can’t do want I want to do. Then they mocked the one author who actually provided some useful advice. Then some whined that I had wasted their time. Very disappointing.

“My European Summer Vacation” is #4 in the Incest/Taboo Hall of Fame

This morning, I scrolled down the Incest/Taboo hub to get the recently popular stories list and there it was. I was shocked to see it there. Fourth best story ever? Wow. One of the benefits of being in the Summer Lovin’ contest is Laurel (the site owner) apparently goes through each of the entries and tosses out some/all of the anonymous low votes. That pushed “My European Summer Vacation” from 4.84 up to 4.86. 4.84 might have gotten it on the bottom of the HOF list. Hopefully being on the HOF list will provide a steady supply of reads, and then those readers will read my other stories.

Thought for my next story

Two of my goals for my story is that I want the story to seem plausible and I want my characters to seem realistic. I want my readers to feel that my characters are deeply in love at the end. I like to explore in my stories an interesting topic. For example, “My Sister Set Me Up on a Blind Date” was about positive consent. Also, I like to break common memes.

So in the story I’ve been hot to write, it starts with an aunt seducing her nephew. And at the end, I want them to be deeply in love. So I had an inspiration – what if the nephew has problems with premature ejaculation? The first time he fucks his aunt, he cums in her after thirty seconds of fucking. He’s devastated that he cums so quickly.

In almost every porn story I’ve ready, the young guy can fuck until his partner cums from his very first fuck. That’s not real life. It’d be great to discuss premature ejaculation in the story.

For ulterior motives, the aunt decides to work with him to help him last longer. By the end of the summer, he lasts 5-6 minutes. He’s a lot more sexually confident. Overcoming premature ejaculation bonds them together. Sounds like it will work to me.

9/16 Writing status

This new story idea has caught my fancy. I keep wanting to write the story. I’ve written almost 7K words so far. The nephew and aunt have spent the day together and she’s about to seduce him by joining him in the shower. So far, a pretty straightforward aunt-nephew story. I’ve also got written big speeches by the mom and the step mom about their back story, which is pretty crazy. Re-writing Heather and Michael has been pushed to the back burner while the desire to write this new story stays hot.

Story idea

Where do I get my story ideas from? I’ll try and try to think up a story and get nothing. Then one day a story idea will hit me. Sammael Bard, a moderate on LitE and who has given me helpful feedback in the past, posted a request. He was looking for:

An incest story (brother/sister/mom/dad, any combination) where the female makes a cuckold out of the male. Or the male watches the female having sex with someone else and gets turned on by it. Asking to combine LW and incest is like a death wish, but I’ll be grateful if anyone finds it.”

I decided to see what I could find. I did a search of incest stories with the tag “cuckold”. I started at the oldest stories and read forward. I came across scouries’ Two Pregnant Moms – and Sis?. In the story, the main character knocks up his stepmom, then his mom, then his sister. At the end, all three women move in with him.

The story is just pure fantasy. His dad doesn’t seem to have any type of relationship with the stepmom in the months before and after the wedding. There isn’t any chemistry between the main character and the women other than he’s an attractive stud who wants them. But it’s a real fun fantasy.

Anyway, after I read the story, I had an idea for something similar yet very different. A lot of details to work out in my head still. Hopefully I’ll have everything mapped out after “The Twins Go Camping” and its sequel are done.