Comment of the week

On “My European Summer Vacation”:

Dominican Republic
Cat, Chipmunk, crab, camel, cheetah, chicken, etc.

It took me a while to figure out what the comment meant. In the story, Noel pulls a joke on Sinead which assumes that the country that starts with “D” that she’ll think of is Denmark. For the commenter, the country was the Dominican Republic. For someone who’s Irish, Dijibouti, Dominica and the Dominican Republic aren’t going to leap to mind.

I’ve written to the halfway point of my next story

It’s a 33K words. I’m going to do an edit pass and then send it out to beta-readers. If you want to be a beta-reader, contact me.

The premature ejaculation is working great in the story. It’s creating a lot of hot sex scenes. Now, I’m like “Why has no one written a story like this before?” Watch that once I publish it, people will point out lots of stories that use premature ejaculation as a major story point.

Not sure how the plot twists are going to work out. I feel like they’re blazingly obvious.

Right now, I’ve got the aunt and the mom talking occasionally and it’s clear that they’re plotting behind Logan’s back. Not sure if it’s a good thing or not right now.

Comment of the week

I got this on “My European Summer Vacation”:

Congratulations for your entry.
A nicely written and easy to read phughed up mess of a relationship. I avoid I/T storys for this stories out come. Come on there is a creepiness to what’s going on here, and to be so in love. Well put together from meeting in cork, making plans, a nagging thought in Noel,s head. Conformation of all his suspicions, and not being able to confess his discovery.
Thank You, for a very believable story

Odd stuff to me. He hates Incest/Taboo stories like mine because they’re so creepy but he enjoyed mine. Huh?


Timelines are a great idea. Particularly for a story as complex as “My Aunt Wants Revenge” is. I’ve done a timeline of the key dates in the life of the main character, his mom and his dad. But it’s not going to be enough. I need to do a timeline of the summer and I need to do a timeline of the aunt and the main characters’ step mom. So why haven’t I done one yet?

I’m not really sure. Creating a timeline is a drag. It’s time not writing. In a story this complex, it’s going to be a lot of work.

I think one of the reasons why I’ve been dragging my feet on it is I’ve wanted the story to mature in my mind first. Now, I think I can get my arms around all of the events that need to be in the timeline. It would suck to create a timeline and then as I wrote the story, decide that I showed add some more scenes that throw the whole timeline off.

So today, I’ll be creating a timeline.

10/3 Comments of the week

These four come courtesy of the commenter anubelore. He posted four comments in a row on “My Sister Set Me Up on a Blind Date”. His first comment is:

Not even halfway through page two and
your characters are prattling on about “patriarchal” small towns and related bullshit, delusional social theories only taken seriously by brainless “Gender Studies” majors and other lackwitted imbeciles who wouldn’t recognize *true* “social justice” if it danced naked in front of them and gave them a (well-deserved) slap in the face. I took the mentions of the ridiculous concept that is “positive consent” (aka “affirmative consent”) with a massive grain of salt, because I was interested in the story, but…Stars and Stones this guy is an absolute imbecile! She’s not having trouble getting a date with a decent guy because of “the patriarchy” or sexism, she’s having trouble getting a date with a decent guy because her definition of “decent” is Will Smith, basically! …On second thought, no, I’m sure it’s actually the patriarchy, not the fact that there’s a limited supply of potential “Will Smith”-s in a (as described) *small* town. Yep, I’m sure that’s it. Darn that evil sexism! /sarcasm …Jesus!

Do not pass “Go,” do not collect $200, etc. I’ll finish the story, but at this point, if this stupidity consumes much more of the plot and dialogue, I cannot imagine this work deserving more than one or two stars, in my estimation.

-Anubelore : – |

He’s not even halfway through page two of a seven page story and he’s so upset that he feels compelled to stop and write a comment about how much bullshit my story has.

Fortunately, the feeling doesn’t last long:

And I get to the bottom of the page and feel like an idiot.
Of course. Isn’t that always the way? Darn it.
The “dates are shows, manliness, blah, bla, blah…” nonsense is still nonsense, but at least he’s acknowledging that affirmative consent is insanity. Sure, he says it’s a good idea, but that “mere mortals” need to be able to comply with the policy. That’s not affirmative consent. It’s “consent”. Anyway, feeling much more hopeful about the story now!

-Anubelore 🙂

And just to show that he’s not a bad guy:

by the way, your grammar and sentence structure are excellent! Pardon the non-sequitur.

-Anubelore 🙂

So to recap before he gets to the middle of page two, the story has him so upset that he has to post a comment and then:

or rather,
And I get to the *top* of the *third* page, and feel like an idiot.” *groan*

-Anubelore 🙂