My writing plans for 2017

* Publish the story that I’m close to finishing. Brother-sister incest, no set title
* Publish the re-write of “Heather and Michael”, Chapters 1 and 2. I’ve got the rough draft done
* Write the sequel to #2. It was originally going to be Chapters 3-6. Chapter 3 is published. Chapter 4 is in rough draft form and Chapter 5 is started. So re-write all that I have gotten written and then finish what’s left
* Publish a Romance Christmas story that I have an idea for
* If I have time, publish some of the stories that I have mostly written. They aren’t as good as what I’ve been writing recently, but I feel that it would be more beneficial to my presence on LitE to publish them rather than to keep hoping I’ll think of something better

I’ve gotten two story ideas recently

One day, I came up with the idea that the wife of the male main character takes off one day at the beginning of the summer, leaving him with their three kids. She stays in contact by email, but doesn’t say where she’s gone or when she’s coming back. The husband asks his little sister who’s just graduated from college with an Art History degree to come stay with them to help out while she’s looking for a job. She does.

Originally, I thought the husband and his sister would fuck while the wife is gone. The wife comes back at the end of the summer and confesses that she had an affair with a woman while she was gone. She didn’t consider it cheating at the time because she was with a woman instead of a man, but she realizes that she was lying to herself and it was still cheating. She offers to have a threesome with the husband and the woman. The husband confesses to fucking his sister and suggests that the they have a threesome with her instead. They all live happily ever after.

After a while, I decided that that wouldn’t work. Even if the wife had an affair with a woman, it would be devastating to find out her husband had an affair when she came back. And an affair with a woman that was still hanging around. There would be no trust in the marriage and it would blow up sometime soon.

I played with a number of possible plot changes and came up with the sister tries to seduce the husband but he refuses. The sister can’t believe that the wife would run out on such a great life and she wants to take the wife’s place. The husband is sorely tempted but the wife returns before he gives in. He thinks he’s safe but his sister continues to sexually tease him. His wife seems okay with that. Then one day the wife tells him that she has decided to invite the sister to join their marriage and she wants to have a threesome.

Not sure if that will work. Hard to imagine the wife initiating the threesome without it coming across as cold-blooded. Something to ponder.

The other story idea is a Christmas story based upon someone else’s story – A Gift Named Holly. The writer asked for feedback for the story. I liked a lot of the concept, but didn’t like how a lot of it was executed. I came up with my own version. I asked the author if it’d be okay if I did my own version of the story and haven’t heard back.

“My Sister Set Me Up on a Blind Date” got rejected

What I got:

Report ID: 33038 Title: Violating submission guidelines (please list below): Details: When Ashlynne had been thirteen, she realized one night that I was checking out her then-small titties. Quote from page two. It is one comment, but I thought age was a factor in submitting stories. Submission: My Sister Set Me Up on a Blind Date [edit] Submission Author: 8letters [edit]

Literotica has a rule that people under 18 can’t be in sexual situations. Checking out his thirteen year old sister’s tits apparently falls under that.

I guess I skate close to that line often. Attractive people frequently have sex (though not necessarily intercourse) before they turn 18. That’s a part of who they are. When I give a characters background, it invariably includes their sex life before they turned 18.

Old paragraph:

When Ashlynne had been thirteen, she realized one night that I was checking out her then-small titties. She had freaked out and had been furious at me. Since then, she would never let me see her in a nightshirt if she could help it. It had been one of those things that we had fought constantly about. Once she was in a nightshirt, I couldn’t come into her room. If I had to talk to her, she’d crack open the door a tiny bit and hide behind it so I’d couldn’t see any of her as we talked. If our parents wanted her to come out of her room while she was in a nightshirt, I had to stay in my room. If we traveled, she’d tell me every night to not be a perv and check her out. If Mom and Dad left the room and/or looked away, I’d check out her body. She did have a hot body and it royally pissed her off.

Resubmitted paragraph:

One night when Ashlynne was thirteen, she decided that she didn’t want me to see her in her nightshirt anymore. Whatever. I hadn’t been checking her out – she was my sister. But her decision that I was such a perv that I had to be checking her out pissed me off. And she had always treated me like a perv. Once she was in a nightshirt, I couldn’t come into her room. If I had to talk to her, she’d crack open the door a tiny bit and hide behind it so I’d couldn’t see any of her as we talked. If our parents wanted her to come out of her room while she was in a nightshirt, I had to stay in my room. Every time she treated me like a perv, it pissed me off and I did something later to get back at her.

Normally, commenters will point out a few typos but in 103 comments for this story, no one has mentioned a type. Some people said I should have named the fast food place they met at for the first date and I made that change as well.

I re-read the story. I’d say that I should have attributed more of the dialogue. Sometimes it wasn’t clear who was talking. Sometimes the long back and forths got a little confusing because I’d lose track of who was talking. I cleaned up some minor stuff and resubmitted.

My experience with blogging

I posted this yesterday to LitE’s Author Hangout forum:

In November 2014, I had had good success with my most recent story and I decided to start a blog about my writing and stories that I’d liked. I meant it as an additional way to communicate with my readers beyond comments and PM’s. I’d thought I share the story behind my stories, where I’m at on my next story, LitE stories that I had recently read and enjoyed, and maybe bullshit with people who commented on my blog.

So I created an introductory post, posted the extended author notes for two stories and waited for people to come to my blog. And I waited. And I waited.

One problem was the challenge of informing people that I had a blog. I put it into my sig for the forums. I tried to add a link to my blog to the end of my next story but that led to my story being rejected for having a link to an external web site. Eventually, I put at the end of my next story the note, “See my Literotica profile for extended author’s notes “. My Literotica profile then had the link to my blog.

During November 2014, I had 18 visitors. December, I had 13. January 2015, I had 11. I don’t think I had any comments. Not what I had envisioned.

In April 2015, I published another story. My number of visitors jumped up to 41 for the month. I got 55 in May and then it went down from there until August, when I published yet another story. 136 visitors for August.

I didn’t publish anything for a year. I got a steady stream of visitors, typically 30-50 a month. But I think most of them were visiting for the wrong reason. I had written reviews of several stories I’d like. A couple of them were stories where the whole family had sex. When I looked at the search terms people were using to find my blog, most of them were searches for family sex stories. At first, I thought such people might stay, read my blog and then read my stories. It didn’t seem to happen. I felt like the people looking for family sex stories were skewing my visitor stats so I eventually deleted all of the posts that discussed other people’s stories.

I’m using WordPress for my blog and it doesn’t provide me with much in the way of understanding about the people visiting my blog. Sometimes, WordPress while provide me with the web page the user was on when they clicked on a link to go to my blog (a referrer). Knowing that people used Google to get to my blog isn’t helpful without knowing how they used Google to get to my blog. Sometimes, WordPress provides me with the search terms, but not often. To pick a date at random, on 12/04/16 I got 8 visitors. 7 of them used some Google variant to get to my blog. As for how they used Google to get to my blog, WordPress tells me that 3 of them used “Unknown search terms”. And one person got to my blog from my blog.

In August of this year, I published two stories that were very popular. I decided to try something new and I put at the end of the stories a link to extended author’s notes that I had published on the “Story Feedback” forum. From there, people could get to my blog by clicking on the link for it in my signature. I got 247 visitors in August, which was almost twice as much as my prior best. Readership has fallen off since to 95 in November.

Sadly, I’ve not got the many comments that I had envisioned. I’ve gotten 12 comments in two years. 4 of those were from one user asking about a sequel to one of my stories.

Because I’ve gotten so few comments, I have no idea what is a good post for a writing blog. I post stuff that I find interesting, but have no idea if anyone else does.

I have had several comments and PM’s that say that they really enjoy my extended author notes and my blog. It’s not a lot, but it’s enough to keep my blogging occasionally.

If you decide to blog about your writing, I wish you more success than me.

“My Day as a Pool Boy” is not getting a lot of comments

I got a comment yesterday on “My Day as a Pool Boy” and I noticed that it has a lot fewer comments than similar stories. It has a great rating at 4.70. It’s a brother-sister story like most of my stories. It was in the 2015 Summer Lovin’ contest. Yet, it only has 27 comments while the similar story with next fewest comments (“Sister Has a Plan”) has 41 comments. “My Day as a Pool Boy” has more votes than “Sister Has a Plan”. Odd.