Thoughts on recent comments on “My European Summer Vacation”

“My European Summer Vacation” continues to get a comment almost every week. Most of the comments are short statements of appreciation. Some of them wish that the story would continue.

This comment is a little over the top:

No Story Can Top This! BEST!
The title says it all. This masterpiece of yours is magnificent work! You Sir, 8letters, will go down in history, my friend. Your writing is better than I’ve read in many novels. Please continue to share your gift to the world. I will greatly thank you for it.
Your fan

I particularly liked this comment:

“I’ve already picked out the wedding rings”-

Author’s note:

Me: “Wait wtf it’s already over”

5 stars though the story was sick

When the reader gets to the end of a nine-page story and thinks, “It’s over already?”, I feel like I did something right.

I can’t follow the logic of this comment:

if it looks like a duck, walks like a duck and quaks like a duck…its a duck!
1* for imposing fabrication where you should have gone organic story telling.
page 4 the photos of mom!

The Writing I’ve Done Recently

Since I published “Comforting My Little Sister”, I’ve started the following stories:

The Hunt for Mr. Hardcore Parkour – a romance where a woman tries to find a guy that she doesn’t know the name of but who works in the large corporate headquarters that she also works in. Have it all plotted out. 2.4K words written. I think it will be a good story but I’m not sure as I’m not a Romance reader.

A Doll Named Annie – another romance, this one for the Winter story contest. Santa gives a guy a doll and he discovers he can summon a human-version of her. It’s a retelling of the story, “A Gift Named Holly”. Have it mostly plotted out. 10.2K words written. Right now, there’s no chemistry between Annie and the main character when they initially meet. I thought the challenges of being a doll that comes to life would be interesting but not getting that across.

Back to the Future – To Fuck Mom – A re-imagining of the movie. The characters have the same names but the plot is very different. Mostly plotted out. Trying to get the details on the ramifications of time travel right. Haven’t started writing.

“Tell Me All The Details” – A shy guy who hasn’t had any luck with girls goes to a party, is approached by one of the most popular girls in school there, gets kissed by her and she asks him out. He turns to his big sister for help. She demands that he tell her all the details. Sexual tension builds between the brother and sister as she guides him in his relationship. Somewhat plotted out. 8.4K words written. A very different structure for an incest story on Literotica as most of the story early on is the sister listening to the brother recount his romance with the popular girl.


I’m slowly getting back into writing

I’ve been taking a long break after publishing “Comforting My Little Sister” and I’m slowly getting back into writing. I’ve started a new story, “Tell Me All The Details”, which is a younger brother-older sister story. I’m going through the emails I got since publishing “Comforting My Little Sister” and replying to them. Once I have replied to emails, I’ll start putting up interesting comments and reply to them.