This weekend, I got an idea for another story

Background: Greg and Jill are cousins. Their parents are two sisters that married two best friends. Their families grew up down the street and around the corner from each other. Greg is the oldest of the cousins. Jill’s older sister is one school year behind Greg. The two families have three kids each, each two years after the prior. The six kids played constantly together growing up and were very close.

Jill shows up at the apartment of Greg. Greg is finishing his third year at college and Jill is about to graduate from high school. Jill has told her parents that she’s staying at a friends for the weekend. Jill tells Greg that she wants to really know what college life is like, not the sanitized version that gets told when her parents are around. Greg agrees to do that for her. Jill also wants to go to a college part and get plastered.

Greg takes Jill to the dorms and introduces her to his girlfriend from freshman year. Let’s call her Angie. Angie tells Jill what life in the dorms is like. Greg drifts in and out. Jill asks Angie and Greg why they broke up. It was over a cookie. Greg takes Jill out frisbee golfing with some friends. They tell Jill stories about going to classes as they play. Greg takes Jill over to an apartment where two couples live for dinner. The guys were Greg’s roommate and suitemate his sophomore year and Greg’s girlfriend at the time was the one who set them up with the girls they are living with. After dinner, Greg takes Jill to a house party. Angie arrives and takes Jill under her wing as they both proceed to get wasted. Greg checks in every now and then.

Eventually, Greg takes the stumble-drunk Jill and Angie out to his car and drives to the dorm. Angie talks about what a great time she had and how much she misses Greg. When they get up to the dorm room, Angie tries to convince Greg to come in and fuck her. When Greg mentions he has Jill, Angie says he can fuck her too while she watches. When Greg gets Angie’s dorm room door open, he declines. He basically shoves her in the room and closes the door after her.

Greg takes Jill back to his apartment. She tries to get him to fuck her and he says no. He has her fall asleep in his arms. In the middle of the night, she wakes up and starts throwing up. Greg comforts her and takes care of the mess. Jill realizes she’s in love with Greg.

When Jill wakes up again, she’s alone. When she staggers out of the bedroom, Greg is studying. He makes her breakfast and then tucks her back in bed. When she wakes up with the hangover gone, she has a talk with Greg. At some point, she tells Greg that he took advantage of her while she was drunk. Greg says he didn’t. Jill says she can prove it. She has Greg lie back down on his bed and she then snuggles into his arms. Jill tells Greg that she loves him. Greg tries to deflect her by saying they are cousins but Jill eventually gets Greg to admit that he loves her too. They have sex and agree to get an apartment together for the next school year.

The story would have lots of dialogue in it. Jill has always wondered what it would be like to spend time as an adult with Greg instead of as a family member. They have a great time together through the day.

I’d think it’d be a sweet love story. Sadly, I already have too many stories that I have plots for and not enough time to write them.


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