6/13 Writing Status

I sent what I have so far for “Daddy’s Little Spy” to Laurel to review to see if it is within the rules. The story starts when the daughter is seven and we see her several times as she grows up, but she isn’t exposed to any sexuality until she is eighteen. I’ll see if Laurel thinks it is okay.

Another pass of “The Twins Go Camping” is done

The  re-write of “Heather and Michael” chapters 1 &2. I have looked at it in a while and I wanted to give it a pass now that I’d be looking at it with fresh eyes. It’s at 33,387 words now. Lots of little clean ups and some re-writing. Too much Heather thinking about stuff? We’ll see.

I think I’ll work on “Daddy’s Little Spy” for a while. A Dad-daughter story. I think it’ll be a short story by my standards. I have 8.6K words written already.


I’m being haunted by the ghosts of unfinished stories

When I’m writing a story, I’m constantly thinking about them, running scenes through my head and thinking about the wording of important sentences. I write the most when I can’t stop thinking about a story. On the other hand, I have a tough time motivating myself to write if the story isn’t stuck in my head. Once a story is published, I don’t think about it anymore.

This weekend, I had scenes from three different partially-written story constantly running through me head. I need to get focused and finish them one by one.

What an Interview of Me Would Be Like

Literotica author Bob_Aganoush is posting “interviews” with LitE authors. He has a set of questions he emails them and he posts their response. If he sent me his list of questions, here’s what I’d reply:

Is there anything about you and your background, beyond what is in your Literotica profile, that you would like your readers to know about you?

I’ve been asked multiple times if I write incest stories from personal experience, i.e. have I had incestuous sex. No, I haven’t. I have a brother and no sisters. I’ve never had a thing for my mom. When I was a teenager, I had a couple of cousins that I found hot but nothing ever happened between us. I’ve only know one person who has admitted to having an incestuous relationship and she was knocked up by her uncle at 15. Didn’t seem happy about it as she was struggling as a single mom.

Do you remember when you first discovered that you liked reading erotic literature? How did this come about?

When I first started getting interested in sex, my brother showed me my dad’s stash of dirty books. Since then, I’ve always preferred stories to pictures. And I’ve always preferred incest stories.

When did you first begin writing your own erotic literature? What prompted you to write your own?

One day, I had a story idea and decided to give it a try. My very first story was going to be “Helping My Cousin With Her Taxes”, a 100K novel covering over 20 years. It was going to cover a huge amount of my wisdom on life and love. I wrote 40K-50K words on it. I decided that my writing skills needed to be better and that it would be best to publish a short story as a learning experience. That was “Heather and Michael Ch 01” and “Ch 02”. Eventually, I went back to “Helping My Cousin With Her Taxes” and decided that the premise wasn’t good enough to continue working on it.

How do you develop the ideas for your stories? What are muses – your own life experiences, other stories that you’ve read, other media, random thoughts?

I put in my extended author’s notes what was the inspiration for each story. Most of the time, I suddenly get an idea for a story. I’ll work out a lot of the story in a few minutes. Most anything can inspire me with a story idea.

Do you ever collaborate on your stories with other authors, or with editors? If so, please tell us a little about your collaborative process?

I’ve been working towards a model of greater collaboration with beta-readers, fellow authors and nice people who’ve written me over time. I’ll start with a story idea and when I’ve got say 10K words written, I’ll send it out to a few people to see if the story is worth continuing to work on. If the feedback is positive, I’ll continue working iteratively on the story until I get it the point that I feel like I would be okay with publishing it. Then I send it out many beta-readers. I’ll incorporate that feedback in my final draft and publish it.

Most readers read erotica in order to be aroused, and many (hopefully!) are also looking for a good plot. How do you balance the need for plot in your stories with the “hotness” factor necessary to get attention on Literotica?

My stories are usually long for a LitE story, running 6-9 pages instead of the usual 2-4. I try to write a compelling story. My feeling is that as long as there’s steady progress between the two main characters, most readers will stick it out.

When you’re not busy writing your own stories, what are you favorite kinds of stories to read on Literotica, and why?

Incest stories. My favorites are whole family stories where we go from only the mom and dad are having sex with each other to the whole family is having sex.

Many readers wonder about the sex lives of the authors they like reading. We all know that most stories on Literotica are fantasy, but is there a window into your own sexual being that you’d like to share with our readers?

Boring sex life. Always has been. I’ve had people write me as if they think the sex scenes I describe I’ve done personally. It’s all made up from whole cloth.

Anything else about you that you would like your readers to know?

If you enjoyed my writing, take the time to let me know. Less than two percent of readers bother to vote. I get one comment for roughly every 3,000 reads. Long messages telling me what someone enjoyed about my story are exceptionally rare. If you send me a message, I’ll always reply.




Idea for a sequel to “My Sister Set Me Up on a Blind Date”

I’ve been corresponding with a fan about a sequel. His original idea:

I wonder what happened that Friday night after Ashlynne left the minivan and went to the sleepover.  Did she tell her cheerleader friends that, yes, she’d kissed her brother, and that, yes, it was a lot fun and she wouldn’t mind it again (but leaving out the other details).  What if this triggered the curiosity of some of her friends, and they decided to to try kissing their own brothers?  What if she suggested the blind date format (you’ll set your brother up on a blind date with a hot cheerleader, then show up yourself…and be creative!)?  What if some of them tried it out, and decided they liked it, and reported back to the group in a week or two at the next sleepover?  It would be awesome to hear some of those stories.  What if Todd and Ashlynne were out on a date a couple of weeks later in an adjoining town and ran into one of her cheerleader friends out on a blind date with her own brother, having a great time?
It is enormous fun when a taboo becomes contagious.  One domino falls, and then the next one, and the next one….

I said no to that idea. I felt it would turn the story into a farce.

Later on, I did have an idea that I thought was interesting based upon his suggestion:

I’ve had some thoughts on your suggestion. I’m thinking that Ashlynne and Todd are at the city’s gym when one of Ashlynne’s cheerleader friends (Sarah?) joins Ashlynne on the treadmill. While they’re talking, a guy tries to hit on Ashlynne and doesn’t take no for an answer. Todd comes over and basically tells him to fuck off, then Todd goes back to hitting the weights. Sarah expresses interest in Todd, saying she wished she had a bodyguard like him. Ashlynne tells her that Todd has a girlfriend who’s in Europe for the summer and that Sarah should get her brother to be her bodyguard.
In the locker room, Sarah is amazed at how well Todd and Ashlynne get along now. Ashlynne tries to downplay it but Sarah keeps asking for what happened to change their relationship as Ashlynne used to go on and on about how much she hated her brother. Sarah also fights a lot with her brother and she’d like to stop fighting with him but she can’t seem to end the cycle of petty arguments. Ashlynne finally tells her about the blind date and how pretending to be different people opened their eyes to how much they had in common and made them realize that they needed to let go of the baggage of their past. And it comes out that Ashlynne did kiss Todd and enjoyed it. But she tells Sarah that the date and kiss were one-time things. Ashlynne suggests to Sarah that she try something similar with her brother.
And that’s all I can picture. I can’t imagine a relationship between Sarah and her brother that would turn romantic and sexual because of a faux blind date. If I get that picture one day, I might write up the sequel.

I need some help

I’m making good progress on “Tell Me All The Details” but I’ve hit a problem. It’s a younger brother-older sister story and as the young brother relates his sexual experiences to his older sister, she finds herself getting wet, i.e. her body is producing vaginal fluid. The problem is that as a guy, I have no idea how a woman gets wet. How wet would she get as she hears a story that she finds sexually exciting? How would she feel that wetness. When would someone be able to smell her wetness?

I have googled around yet to find anything on this. I’m afraid that all I find out is that women indeed produced vaginal fluid as they become sexually excited.

I’m kind of stuck on the story until I get this worked out.