Another brother-sister story idea

Before the story starts, the sister Alice has broken up with her live-in boyfriend and has moved home. Her brother Bob is dating Diane. Not sure on the details of Diane – probably from a rich family, wears expensive clothes and likes wine-and-cheese parties. Alice and Bob are mid-20’s not sure how old yet. Not sure who’s the oldest.

At the start of the story, Alice and her brother Bob are moving the youngest brother back home after he has finished his junior year in college. Alice and Bob’s parents have downsized to a two-bedroom place. The plan before the drive is for the youngest brother to stay with Bob for the summer. When they get back home, Bob says the youngest brother can’t live with him – he’s too whiny. So the youngest moves back in with his parents, sleeping on the couch. A week later, Alice goes over to Bob’s and asks Bob if she can move in with him as the youngest brother is driving her crazy with his constant whining about having to sleep on the couch. Bob agrees.

Before the break up, all of Alice’s friends were women in committed long-term relationships. They aren’t appealing to her now that she’s single, so she starts hanging out with a co-worker Cindy. Cindy dresses and talks like a slut. Cindy loves seducing straight-lace guys. After Cindy meets Bob, she tells Alice that she’s going to seduce him.

Cindy starts flirting with Bob, coming on strong. Bob laughs it off. At one point, there’s a power outage in Bob’s apartment. Cindy uses the fact that Bob’s computer is off to crack the Windows password and see what porn Bob watches. Alice tells Cindy she shouldn’t but she’s secretly thrilled to spy on Bob. Bob has been watching of late a lot of stepsister-and-friend videos. Cindy saves a bunch of the links.

Later, Alice goes over to Cindy’s apartment. Cindy gets her to watch some of Bob’s porn videos with her. Cindy eventually convinces Alice to mutually get each other off.

Cindy eventually seduces Bob. Bob breaks up with his girlfriend and starts dating Cindy. Cindy gets frustrated with dating Bob – the seduction was the thrill for her and maintaining a relationship is more work than she wants. Bob wants her to dress and talk less slutty.

Final scene is something like this. Cindy gets Bob and Alice to have sex. She finds it incredibly hot to get them to have sex. As they fuck, Cindy talks dirty all the time. Towards the end, her dirty talk makes it clear that she’s passing Bob over to Alice. “She’s going to sleep with you every night, isn’t she Bob? And you’re going to fuck her sweet little pussy every night, aren’t you Bob?”

Lots of details to work out yet – Diane is a piece of furniture right now. I’ve got some ideas for Bob and Cindy flirting, but I need a lot more. I need to flesh out Bob a lot more. He’s in a job he hates and he views Diane as an important part of networking for a better job. Not sure how that resolves.


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