I’m going to be publishing an extended version of “My European Summer Vacation”

From its beginning:

As I was editing My European Summer Vacation, I came to the conclusion that it was too long. It was double-digit pages and had five sex scenes where the same two people fuck. I cut out about 10% of the story including one sex scene, then published it. The response to the story was overwhelming positive. No one complained about it being too long or having too many sex scenes between the same two people. Instead, people asked for more. So I’m publishing an extended version of the story with what I had cut out restored. If you just want to read what I restored, it starts on the bottom of page 6 with the paragraph that starts “From Oslo” and runs to the paragraph that starts with “The next night”. I’ve also added an epilogue.

Originally, I was only going to restore what I cut. But this weekend, I decided to write an epilogue that covers Noel introducing Sinead to his family. Will publish it on 8/23, which is the one year anniversary of “My European Summer Vacation” being published.


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