“My Lingerie-Loving Sister Moves In” is out for beta-reading

Almost 18K words, so a little shorter then “My Cousin Shows Me Around Campus”, which was 5 LitE pages.

I think it’s a very good story, but I’ve hit the point that I’m exhausted dealing with it so it was good to send it out.

If you want to beta-read it, contact me.

The pros do it too

I finished Dick Francis’ “Driving Force” two days ago. I noticed at some point he used “heard” instead of “herd”. Even bestsellers by veteran authors have tiny errors. If the story had been posted to LitE, I’m sure someone’s comment would be to trumpet blast the mistake.

9/25 Writing status

Did a lot of buffing today. I went through all of my “bad words”. Haven’t written the final sex scene yet. I’m doing a full pass of the story and when I get to the final sex scene, I’ll write it. I’ll do another pass through the sex scene and then I’ll send the story out for beta-reading. The name of the story is “My Lingerie-Loving Sister Moves In”

What is success in writing for free?

I’ve been lucky as a writer and I’ve been too sensitive. I was lucky in that my first few stories got good ratings even though the writing technical was awful. I was too sensitive in that when I got some negative comments on Heather and Michael Ch 03, I bothered me so much that I stopped writing for almost a year and I abandoned writing three more H&M chapters. I was lucky in that I got on a roll after that with four very successful stories in a row, including the monster hits “My Sister Set Me Up on a Blind Date” and “My European Summer Vacation”. I was too sensitive in that it really bothered me when the next story after my two monster hits – “Comforting My Little Sister” – wasn’t a monster hit. So bothered that I didn’t even read the comments on it for a long time.

What do I owe my readers? Nothing to be honest. They haven’t paid me any money. A few of them bother to take the time to vote on my stories and even fewer are willing to spend a few moments to leave a comment.

A better question would be, “What do I want my readers to expect from me?” I want them to expect a well-crafted, well-written story. It may not be a monster hit, but it’s the best I can do. Writing is alchemy, not science. Each story is its own adventure. I knew when I finished “My European Summer Vacation” that it was going to be my best story ever. I’ve finally coming to terms with the fact that no matter how hard I work on my next story, it isn’t going to be as good. I’ve come to accept that striving for the next monster hit means not working on a lot of good stories.

Lastly, I’ve come to accept that I should write what I want to write, even if I know it’s not going to be a monster hit. “Getting Ready To Close The Deal” is getting reamed and several commenters have expressed their disappointment that I had spent the time writing it. But it was damn fun to write. And I think I need to embrace the joy of writing. I have started on two romance stories and one fantasy story. I don’t read those categories and my stories may not be what readers of those categories are looking for. But if one of those stories are what I moved to write, then I have come to accept that that’s the story I should write, acceptance be damned.

“Getting Ready To Close The Deal” published

Here. And it’s getting the negative reception I thought it’d get. It was an exercise for me to write an immoral, self-centered character that I can see as a real human being. I enjoy writing “villains” in my stories that help push the two main characters together and I enjoyed writing this character sketch.

So far, five comments – all negative – and seven favorites.

9/8 Writing status

In “We’re Definitely Not Going To…”, I’ve got the brother and sister to the start of the big night. I originally was going to have them go out for dinner this night, get a little hot and heavy and then pullback at the brink. Then they spend a couple of weeks feeling awkward around each other. Then the sister would demand the brother take her out to dinner, she’d initiate things get hot and heavy again while making it clear that she wants her brother to be her boyfriend, and when they get back to the apartment they fuck. But I decided that more extended scenario would probably get repetitive and drag it out doesn’t add anything. With the extended scenario, she decides they’re going to be a couple and he says “Why not?” With the shorter scenario, he’s going to be more aggressive, pushing things forward without really thinking and the two of them wind up losing control.