I got comments

From one of my beta-readers:

I hope you’ll consider a really steamy mother son story with your trademark build up sometime soon 🙂

Early on, I wrote a mother-son story but it sucked and I’ve never published it. I haven’t had another idea for a mother-son story. I enjoy mother-son stories but I can’t imagine a plausible mother-son romantic relationship.


From a comment on my blog:

I noticed most of your stories involve brother-sister only. Are you interested in writing other categories of incest? Eg, mom-son, father-daughter, or a mixture (brother-sister-mom, husband-wife-daughter, son-mom-mom’s sister)?

I have a lot of  partially written stories and additional ideas for stories. Most are brother-sister. What I publish depends on what I think is going to be worth my time to write. Of the mixture types, you’re most likely to see from me a brother-sister-mom story or a guy-aunt-stepmom-mom story.


From a comment on my blog:

You write like a high schooler and every fucking time they open their mouths they talk in long winded paragraphs. That lady was right– you are no steinbeck but you think you are. Write something other than a brother fucking his sister and you’ll see what kind of WRITER you are, because right now your only helping perverts jerk off.

I think the commenter is suggesting I write something non-erotic. And do what with it? I enjoy the feedback I get publishing on Literotica. I have a couple ideas for novels, but I doubt I’d get much in the way of a response to a novel regardless of its merits if I published it on some ebook site.


A comment to “My Lingerie-Loving Sister Moves In”:

PEERLESS !!!!!!!!

took me sometime to come up with a 8 letter praise

Made me laugh.


Two comments to “My Lingerie-Loving Sister Moves In”:

1500 votes 155 favs I’m tired of you new authors cheating
you have 1500 votes with half the views and less than authors who have beem here years and you only have 150 favorites. the #s don’t jive. Fucking a-holes on this site.

I don’t cheat. I don’t even vote on my own stories (only exception is I voted once for “My European Summer Vacation”). I’ve been publishing on Literotica for four years, so I don’t know how long I have to publish stories to make your “beem here years” list. Out of curiosity, I looked at the numbers for lovecraft68’s Porn Shoot With My Sister. It’s a brother-sister story with a similar rating (4.80) to MLLSMI. It has 578820 views and 1283 favorites, for a ratio of one favorite for every 451 views. MLLSMI currently has 103553 views and 231 favorites, for a ratio of one favorite for every 448 views.

One thought on “I got comments

  1. As someone who loves writing incest erotica but seen it banned from most places, it’s nice to see there is so much interest in the genre from readers! I was fascinated to read it was top of the list for sexual fantasies in internet searches! Viva taboo lol….


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