On things readers don’t notice

After “My Lingerie-Loving Sister Moves In” was published and the comments started rolling in, I mentioned to a couple of my beta-readers that I was surprised that none of the comments mentioned lingerie as to me that was what was unique about the story and what made it so hot. One beta-reader replied:

Well, the thing about doing something _really_ well is that people get so immersed and lost in the story…..they don’t quite notice what makes it so special. It’s like, say, the musical score in a good action movie–if it’s perfectly done, the emotions are so overwhelming you don’t notice the music.

That got me to thinking about Sinead’s accent in “My European Summer Vacation”. I did a ton of research on the Cork accent and I worked hard to give Sinead a Cork accent. But no one ever said, “Great job on Sinead’s accent.” Now, I think there’s no such thing as a good accent – if I did right, that’s just a part of what makes Sinead Sinead. Only if I did a bad job with Sinead’s accent would it stand out.

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