1/29 Stories in queue

“My Cookie-Baking Sister” – the story I’m currently working on. A brother-sister story where the story starts with the sister bringing cookies over to the brother’s apartment to give to his roommate. Most of the action happens at Disney World. I’m about to write the final sex scene and then start revising it.

“Orange County Siblings” – Provisional name. A story about two sisters and a brother whose parents live in Orange County. An exploration of the weird dynamic that the a loving family is happiest when the parents don’t know what’s going in their kids’ lives. I was writing this and then set it aside to work on “My Cookie-Baking Sister”. It’s approaching the home stretch.

“I Owe You, Big Time” – A brother-sister story. I had everything but the final sex scene written, showed it to some beta-readers who said the story sucked and shelved it for a while. After I published “My Lingerie-Loving Sister Moves In”, I pulled it out and started a major re-write. I think it’s much better this time. I need to do a lot of research as after the sister moves in with the brother, she wants to do a couples workout with him like he used to do with his last girlfriend. He uses that for carte blanche to grope his sister. So I need to research couples workouts to make that realistic. I shelved this as I decide a central plot point – the sister moves into her brother’s apartment after his roommate moves out – was too similar to “My Lingerie-Loving Sister Moves In”.

That’s what I’m planning to publish for my next three stories and I’ve got enough written of each I’m hopeful I will be able to finish them. I always write the story I’m excited about writing, so I’m never sure if I’ll actually write what I plan to write as I may get another story idea that excites me so much that it’s the only thing I want to work on.

Readers imagining what happens next

I was corresponding with a reader and he was kind of embarrassed to admit that he had definite ideas as to what should happen next in Ashlynne and Todd’s life (from “My Sister Set Me Up on a Blind Date”). He also didn’t like that Thomas from “Cruise Doubledate With My Sister” got back together with his girlfriend instead of staying with his sister.

I wrote back:

To me, there’s no greater compliment to my writing than the reader keeps thinking (positively) about the story after it’s done. I want people to think about how Todd and Ashylnne are going to live their lives together. I want people to imagine what Greg and Nora’s ski trip would be like. I’m fine with people pondering if Thomas would have been happier with his sister Caitlin instead of the overly religious Rebecca. I don’t want people to read my stories and then never think about them again.


How my stories have changed over time

Someone created a thread in the Author’s Hangout on Literotica for “How Have Your Stories Changed Over Time?” My response is below:
[W]hat changes, if any, have you seen in your stories?
* I’m much a better technical writer, with a much better grasp on grammar and sentence structure. My first story is very poorly written
* My sex scenes are much longer than from my initial stories (though I hate writing most sex scenes)
* I feel like I have a support system now, with a good group of beta-readers. It’s my job to get the initial concept done and then to incorporate the suggestions of others to fully flush out the story

Have your subject matter/erotic category interests changed?
Not much change. Brother-sister stories are my sweet spot and I rarely move from it. I’ve started a Fantasy story and a couple of Romances, but it’s hard to get motivated to finish those when my support system isn’t interested in those categories.

Has your writing style changed?
* I think my stories now have a lot more flirting, taunting and teasing
* My last story and the story I’m working on now have long descriptions of the sister while she’s scantily dressed. I don’t know if that’ll be a trend

Any other changes you’ve noticed? Good or bad.
* I’m not afraid to publish stories that I know I won’t do well. When I first started writing, I wanted each story to do better than the last and I’ve come to accept that that won’t happen – sometimes I only have a good idea for the next story after having had a great idea for the prior story
* I’m not afraid to write about topics I consider controversial. I’ve written about young single motherhood, guilt from a conservative religious upbringing, the damage from bad sex, positive consent, domestic abuse and free speech on college campuses. Presented well, I think bringing in those topics add a lot of depth to the characters