All but two of my stories now have a red “H”

The ratings for my stories slowly but steadily climb over time. I haven’t been following “Heather and Michael Ch 01” closely and today I noticed that it’s at 4.5, taking it into red “H” territory. I think it started out with like a 4.37 rating.

I thought “My Daughter Interrupts My Work” would be a red “H” story, but I badly misjudged its appeal. “Getting Ready to Close the Deal” was intended to get a low rating.

A really nice comment I got yesterday

On “My Lingerie-Loving Sister Moves In”:

Damn, what a story……
Loved it,
Loved it, i liked it so much i sat and read it to my Wife, damn she only lay there masturbadting as i did.
About 2 weeks later we went out to a family get to gether, a birthday i think it was, anyway, part way through the night after she had enjoyed a few glasses of wine she sat in a darkish corner with just the dj’s light flashed now n then ….. she only flashed me some new sexy langerie, omg, she had never done this before, i was hard as a rock, imwanted to take her to the toilets but she said wait till we get home.
Thanks for one hell of a night we had, since then when i least expect it she surprises me with a flash, this whole story has changed our lives.
Thankyou so very much 😃😃😃😃😃😃