A nice comment

I was hoping “My Cookie-Baking Sister” would be published today, but it wasn’t 😦

I got a comment today on My European Summer Vacation (With+) I really liked:

Arn’t we Irish a strange lot ?
8 letters I really enjoyed your story I know Cork well but thankfully I’m not a Murphy. Sure there are far too many in the country anyways and we ??? can carry a ball better than any one :-). Maybe one day you can carry this story to a logical conclusion. After all they’re only getting started. I had my sister read this no ulterior motive but just for its creativity; although as she pointed out we had cousins who did marry and all was well with all their kids. So sorry about this we will be passing your story around to show there are some good things on Lit.
Mianta is fearr agus dea-ádh le do scríbhinn amach anseo

I spent a huge amount of time researching Cork and the Cork accent for that story and I’ve always wondered what someone Irish would think of it. Sounds like I did a good job. And passing around one of my stories I consider a compliment. Google translates the last line as Best wishes and luck to your future writing


3 thoughts on “A nice comment

  1. Do u ever wonder if some of the comments are made up? He asked his sister to read it? Who in their right mind asks their sister to read an incest story? They aren’t Irish, but for some reason they had fun pretending they were to u.


    • Why would the person take the time to make up a comment? What would he get out of it? Why take the time to pretend he’s Irish? If he’s going to be a jerk, why not post a jerk comment? I get plenty of those


  2. Because it makes them feel good? Because it lets them carry on fantasies they have? Because they want to make you smile? Because they are on meds? I’ve made up comments to authors for no reason other than the idea popped into my head.


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