The stupidity of negative comments

The other day, I got a message from a reader who wanted to know what was going to happen next after “Heather and Michael Ch 03”. These were the first three comments I got to that story:

Please don’t break the twins. I love the story.

I really hope…
I really hope that this is not turning into another threesome story, or that you are going to break Michael and Heather up and put him with Maddie…..If you were thinking of doing any of that please don’t it would destroy the story.

I really want them to find a way to be together.

I agree
If you make this story into a treesome or having Heather and Michael break up then stop the story here and now. I am tired of writers who start a good brother sister story only to ruin it by adding someone or having the brother and sister break up or never talk to one another ever again. So I hope you keep the story going with Michael and Heather and build their relationship.

I got three more comments on that day, all of them with some amount of criticism. My plan for the series was to break Heather and Michael up, have Michael start dating and then Maddie would invite Heather into their relationship. The only payment I get for my stories are comments and I felt like the “payment” I got for this chapter was a kick in the teeth. So the first three commenters got their wish – I never wrote anything more on the “Heather and Michael” series. I didn’t write anything for a long time after that.

Think on that – the commenters all had enjoyed the series enough to read all three chapters. And because of their negative comments, the story will never be complete. Their comments hurt me, but hurt themselves too.

The story is up to 37 comments, most of them requesting me to continue the series. A couple of commenters have made the connection that the series stopped because of the negative comments I received on it, but most haven’t. Most of them seem to think that if they snap their fingers at me enough – “This story needs to be completed” – then I’ll do it. If you want me to spend hours and hours on a story for you to read for free, try positive encouragement.


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