Authors commenting on stories

I’ve recently gotten comments on “My Lingerie-Loving Sister Moves In” from other Literotica authors. One was from MajorRewrite, the author of the very, very popular Spring Break Wife (highly recommended):

5 stars
It’s cute, fun and sexy. The start is slightly clunky but the story quickly recovered and the slow build up from there was well done. I like detailed descriptions of the sexy things the hot babe is wearing.

The second was from MaryAnderson, one of the top 10 most popular I/T authors on Literotica right now:

If you want a patient well-told sister-brother sex/love story,
this comes highly recommended.

It’s been my experience that authors don’t often comment on other author’s stories. I rarely leave comments and I’ve rarely seen other authors leave comments on my stories. For me, almost all the stories I read I find disappointing. Good enough to get me off, but not good enough that I felt I could leave a positive comment. And I don’t want to leave a comment that says, “Your story was okay. Not bad, but not good.”

New Story

I’ve got almost 25K words written on my next story, “A Week At The Lake With My Sister”. After Brandon dates his sister Kaitlyn’s best friend Joanna for a few weeks, the three of them plus Kaitlyn’s boyfriend Paul go with their parents for their annual week at the family lake house. It’s a very complex story with lots and lots of sex, easily the most sex I’ve ever had in one of my stories.

I’m tempted to publish it as a series of chapters, with each day at the lake a chapter. However, there’s quite a bit that happens before they go to the lake and incestuous feelings are only hinted at during that part. So I might lose quite a bit of my audience before the story has the I/T elements they are looking for.