Authors commenting on stories

I’ve recently gotten comments on “My Lingerie-Loving Sister Moves In” from other Literotica authors. One was from MajorRewrite, the author of the very, very popular Spring Break Wife (highly recommended):

5 stars
It’s cute, fun and sexy. The start is slightly clunky but the story quickly recovered and the slow build up from there was well done. I like detailed descriptions of the sexy things the hot babe is wearing.

The second was from MaryAnderson, one of the top 10 most popular I/T authors on Literotica right now:

If you want a patient well-told sister-brother sex/love story,
this comes highly recommended.

It’s been my experience that authors don’t often comment on other author’s stories. I rarely leave comments and I’ve rarely seen other authors leave comments on my stories. For me, almost all the stories I read I find disappointing. Good enough to get me off, but not good enough that I felt I could leave a positive comment. And I don’t want to leave a comment that says, “Your story was okay. Not bad, but not good.”

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