An interesting comment

I got this in a Private Message:

Loved Cruise Double Date except for the little bit about the gambling. I hate gambling too but the way Thomas acted when Jacob suggested black jack was quite a turn off. It made himĀ  seem whiny and rude or antisocial. It would have made sense for him to act that way if he had admitted to himself that he was maybe feeling insecure or jealous about the ex being there and was acting out but instead the passage came off as Thomas just hating an activity, getting bored and basically telling the group your hobby is stupid I don’t like it so lets do what I like instead.

However your writing was great and your sex scenes were very hot so I was glad I continued reading.

To me, this comes down to how explicit an author should make things. As I wrote the scene, I thought it was obvious that the most upsetting thing to Thomas about the gambling was that Rebecca was supporting Jacob over him. Should I have explicitly said that, or should I have the reader read between the lines? I don’t think there’s a right answer as some readers will won’t things spelled out and others prefer reading between the lines. I’ve been taken to task by some authors for spelling things out too much for my readers.