11/5 Writing Status

I’m somewhat frustrated with the reception to the “Lake House” series. I may discuss that later. Unusual for me, I had a story idea that really excited me as I was finishing another story. Right now, it’s title is “My Crocheting Little Sister”. It’s looking like 30K words, or about 8 LitE pages.

6 thoughts on “11/5 Writing Status

  1. Hi!

    I just read the 5 chapters of your new story, and a few comments (not all of them, though), and I find that they are unjust. ”Lake House” may not be one of your best stories, but you just can’t write a better story each time… so this comment is useless, to say the least. It’s a great story, and that’s the only important thing.

    If I understood, they reproach you that every character has a flaw. Paul is just a big nerd, Joanna is a venal heartless bitch, Brandon a weak marionette, and Kaitlyn a manipulative monster. It’s not perfectly true, even if they all tally partly with these descriptions. No one is flawless, and their faults make them realistic.

    Maybe, the cutting of the story into chapters is responsible for a few negative comments. After the 4th part, a few commentators seemed to believe that it was the end. Why did you not published everything once for all?

    Some minor critics are just, though. For example, Paul is, in my opinion, a problem, because I just can’t understand why the three others rely on him. But these problems don’t destroy the story at all.

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    • Thanks for the comment. I don’t know if I would have gotten better reception if I published it as one very long story. As the story was so long and the end of each day offered a natural break point, I decided publishing it as chapters would work best. But it probably wasn’t the best choice to break into chapters as there was no incestuous sex in the first three chapters, and people hated chapter 4. Probably the biggest reason I published is as chapters was that I wanted to see what it’d be like to publish a big story as five chapters. But the people who left negative comments left them because they didn’t like the story.


  2. It’s not that characters have flaws, it’s that flaws do not line up with their actions. They act contrary to everything they say, which means they make no sense, ergo, they do what they do because it’s convenient for 8letters to finish the story. It’s cool that you have you have a blog like this, Incest doesn’t seem to get much public traffic (it’s peoples dirty secret), but you don’t get nothing if you don’t try.


  3. You shouldn’t deposit chapters stories onto Literotica for the sake of finding out what the stats would be. I look at the hall of fame and it’s flooded with hack stories in multi-versed uploads that take away from the real writers stuck in the 4.84. Biscuit, Beach, Clive, FatDad and the list goes on with those writing 5 or more chapters, they’re okay writers, but they’ve dwindled their efforts to so that only those who like them vote for them. At best, they are 4.70 writers taking away space from the best writers, which makes the best writers hard to find.


    • As an author who has one story that drifts in and out of the HoF and two stories with better than 4.8 ratings, you’d think I’d be more bent out of shape about chapters being in the HoF than you. I agree with what you say, but I’ve accepted that the site is the way the site is. As for splitting my story into chapters, there was a case for publishing it as one big story and a case for publishing it as five chapters.


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