Threesomes in incest stories

The way threesomes are typically handled is that after the main male character (MMC) fucks woman #1 and woman #2, the two women both suddenly realize that they are bisexual. Even better, they are sexually attracted to each other. Woman #1 has no problems with the MMC fucking woman #2. And woman #3. And woman #4. Etc. Typically, the MMC’s large cock is effectively a mind-control device which turns women into eager sex slaves.

While those type of stories are fun fantasies, they are so unrealistic that I’m not comfortable writing them. But I like the idea of a guy having a threesome with two women! I find that incredibly hot. So I’ve tried different ways of making it work.

Thinking over the stories I’ve written and the stories I’ve plotted out, I’ve always had the woman who the MMC is currently with making the decision to initiate the threesome. To me, a guy telling his girlfriend that he wants a threesome is very damaging to the relationship. So coming up with a threesome story for me means coming up with a reason while someone in a sexual relationship would want to her guy to have sex with another woman.

Thinking meta about this, one of the first decisions is how permanent is the threesome going to be. Is it going to be a one-time thing? Is it going to be an occasional thing that the MMC’s SO controls? Or is going to be a permanent thing? I’ve kind of done all three. In my first story with a threesome, “Cruise Doubledate With My Sister”, the MMC’s girlfriend initiates the threesome with the MMC’s sister with the intention that it is a one-time thing. In my second story with a threesome, “My Day as a Pool Boy”, I viewed it as it to be an occasional thing during a summer relationship, though I didn’t explicitly say that. Then in my third threesome story, “A Week at the Lake with My Sister”, it’s a permanent relationship.

Interesting to me, only one of those threesome stories involve someone who is bisexual. To me, the classic fantasy menage a trois where the women are both bisexual would be the most difficult to make work. That would require three people being relatively equally in love with the other two. One serious fight and the whole thing falls apart. Also, bisexual women aren’t that common, and to find two bisexual women who are both attracted to the other woman and the MMC seems really, really unlikely.

I’m enjoying plotting out a couple of stories that involve MFF threesomes, which is what going me thinking about this post.

Letting go of stories that are too hard to write

Recently, I’ve decided that two brother-sister story ideas that I really liked would be just too hard to write. I consider this a part of my maturation as a writer.

The first story was going to be “The Twelve Days of Christmas” and it was going to be a series of steadily escalating sexual incidents over the twelve days of the story. It was going to start fairly innocent – the brother accidentally catches the sister facing away from him while wearing just panties – and ends with them fucking on day 12. I’ve already written through the first incident. I’ve got lots of interesting scenes in my head for the story. But each incident what have to be set up and that would be a huge amount of work. Eventually, I decided it would be too much work.

The other story was going to be “Flash and Vape”. It was going to be about a minor rock band on their first tour. The band was three eighteen-year-old women and the twenty-year-old brother of the lead singer. The brother ends up fucking regularly all three women. A pretty awesome fantasy. However, I don’t know anything about what it would be like to be a minor rock band on tour. And I would have to cover months and months of story. Eventually, I decided it would be too much of a story for me to ever write.

Lastly, I’ve gotten a comment and a PM recently asking me to continue on “Heather and Michael”. The initial negative comments on Ch 03 killed my enthusiasm for writing any more chapters. I’ve done a re-write of Chapters 1 & 2 with the idea of I’d publish it when I finish writing what was going to be Chapters 3-6. But Ch 4, 5 and 6 are really tough to write. In Ch 4, Maddie seduces Michael. I’ve just not been able to come up with a scene where that happens that I’m comfortable with. I’ll keep that story in the back of my mind, but there’s no point in working on that story until I can resolve that.