Something I’m struggling with

My next story, “My Crocheting Little Sister”, has spanking, light bondage, roleplay non-con and anal sex in it. Personally, I don’t like stories with spanking, bondage and/or non-con, and I’m not a big fan of anal sex in stories. But I think those elements work in my story to make a really wonderful tale.

So what I’m struggling with is do I put some type of warning at the start of the story about the spanking, light bondage, roleplay non-con and anal sex? I can see getting angry comments about how they weren’t expecting that in one of my stories and are upset that I snuck them in on them. But as I said, I think they really work in a non-offensive way in the story and being warned ahead of time will lessen the pleasant surprise of when they happen.

5/16 Writing Status

I’ve taken a long break from writing. Not too surprising, as I typically do when a story doesn’t get the reception I had hoped for it.

Quite some time ago, I wrote the story, “My Crocheting Little Sister”. 30K words. A brother-sister that’s different enough I’m not sure how it will be received. However, I wasn’t motivated to edit it and I didn’t do any writing.

I’ve started another story, “The Summer Project”. It’s a cousins story, kind-of sort-of. I’ve got 13k words written for it. Writing it has gotten me back into the mood to write, so I’ve switched to editing “My Crocheting Little Sister”. Hopefully next week, I’ll send it out for beta-reading.