I have so many stories started…

I need to finish the ones I like and get them published.

I’m currently editing a story that I’m leaning towards calling, “The Prodigal Sister’s Return”. It’s short – not even two LitE pages.

I’ve been thinking a lot about stories that wind up in some way polyamory. I’m thinking I want to alternate those with MF stories.

3 thoughts on “I have so many stories started…

  1. You should leave the title as “The Prodigal Sister”

    Prodigal means (in this case): a person who leaves home and behaves recklessly, but later makes a repentant return.

    The “Return” has always struck me as a redundancy/tautology. (It’s like saying, “The winner wins the race.” Adding “Return” is saying that you don’t trust the audience to understand what “Prodigal” means.

    Just a thought.

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  2. “Prodigal Sister” is a much better title than “Prodigal Sister Returns to the Far”.

    There is a scene in the movie The Social Network where a guy tells Zuckerberg to “Drop the ‘The’ from ‘THe Facebook.’ It’s cleaner.”

    It’s the same thing with that title. “Returns To The Farm” is a mouthful. When people reference “Old MacDonald Had a Farm” they typically say talk about that “Oh MacDonald” song.

    This is why people don’t give advice: They give it, and the other person says, “I don’t care.” Not that you asked for advice, but they’re may be a reason you have so few comments.


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