Something upcoming for this blog

Because I write and edit so slowly, I have to be strategic about what I work on. If I think a story won’t do well, I’ll stop working on it and move to another story. As a consequence, I have a lot of partially written stories on my hard drive. There’s part of me that thinks “Someday I’ll come back to those stories and finish them.” But I keep getting new story ideas faster than I can write them. I’ve got a story that’s in beta-reading, a story that’s mostly written, and I’ve got another story that’s two-thirds written and I’ve got two more stories mapped out in my head. That’s easily a year’s worth of writing right there for me.

So I’m going to start publishing stories on this blog that I’ve partially written and I think I’ll never finish. I hate to have all the time I spent writing those stories go to waste. Hopefully people will get some pleasure from the writing. Maybe people can convince that one of the stories I think is meh is actually good.

That means that people will see my raw writing. Warning! It’s not good. Lots of typos and mistakes. It takes a lot of work to get my stories up to the quality level I want before I publish them.

Sequel to “Cruise Doubledate With My Sister”

I recently got a message asking if I was working on an update to “Cruise”. I replied:

I recently thought about a sequel to this story, but nothing like that. It’s a few days before Thomas and Rebecca’s wedding. Caitlin has taken charge of the final wedding preparations. She picks up Rebecca’s family from the airport and drives them to the hotel. It’s her parents, her older brother and her younger sister. Just before they get to the hotel, Caitlin stops the car and reads her parents the riot act – “Yes, you’re unhappy about Rebecca’s decisions of the last couple of years, but you are not going to act unhappy at this wedding. You’re going to act like you’re having a great time. You are not going to spoil this wedding. For two days, accept that it’s not about you. And if you don’t, so help me you’re walking back to the airport.”

The older brother is floored. He’s never seen anyone talk to his parents like that. He becomes Caitlin’s gofer up until the wedding. He’s engaged, and both he and his fiance are waiting for their wedding night to have sex. When the dancing starts, Rebecca’s family starts to leave. Caitlin goes up to the older brother and says, “You are going to stay here and dance with me, and when the reception is over you’re going to help me wrap everything up. Then after that, you’re going to my hotel room and we’re going to fuck our brains out.” He has the best night of his life.

The person replied, “That’s a good idea”. I replied back:

Actually, it’s a terrible idea. No one who liked the first story is going to like it. There isn’t any incest in it.

I started writing a sequel to my very first story, didn’t like how people responded to the first chapter (it was going to be four chapters), and I’ve sworn off sequels ever since.

My style isn’t conducive to sequels. In my endings, the couple is madly in love and walking off happily towards the sunset. Almost everything interesting is resolved. Some people want to see how the couple lives happily together, but that’d be boring to read as there’s no dramatic tension.

With “Cruise”, I’ve gotten a lot of requests to write a new version of it where Thomas winds up with Caitlin. Meh. I like the ending as it is because I think the final sex scene is one of my hottest.