Sequel to “Cruise Doubledate With My Sister”

I recently got a message asking if I was working on an update to “Cruise”. I replied:

I recently thought about a sequel to this story, but nothing like that. It’s a few days before Thomas and Rebecca’s wedding. Caitlin has taken charge of the final wedding preparations. She picks up Rebecca’s family from the airport and drives them to the hotel. It’s her parents, her older brother and her younger sister. Just before they get to the hotel, Caitlin stops the car and reads her parents the riot act – “Yes, you’re unhappy about Rebecca’s decisions of the last couple of years, but you are not going to act unhappy at this wedding. You’re going to act like you’re having a great time. You are not going to spoil this wedding. For two days, accept that it’s not about you. And if you don’t, so help me you’re walking back to the airport.”

The older brother is floored. He’s never seen anyone talk to his parents like that. He becomes Caitlin’s gofer up until the wedding. He’s engaged, and both he and his fiance are waiting for their wedding night to have sex. When the dancing starts, Rebecca’s family starts to leave. Caitlin goes up to the older brother and says, “You are going to stay here and dance with me, and when the reception is over you’re going to help me wrap everything up. Then after that, you’re going to my hotel room and we’re going to fuck our brains out.” He has the best night of his life.

The person replied, “That’s a good idea”. I replied back:

Actually, it’s a terrible idea. No one who liked the first story is going to like it. There isn’t any incest in it.

I started writing a sequel to my very first story, didn’t like how people responded to the first chapter (it was going to be four chapters), and I’ve sworn off sequels ever since.

My style isn’t conducive to sequels. In my endings, the couple is madly in love and walking off happily towards the sunset. Almost everything interesting is resolved. Some people want to see how the couple lives happily together, but that’d be boring to read as there’s no dramatic tension.

With “Cruise”, I’ve gotten a lot of requests to write a new version of it where Thomas winds up with Caitlin. Meh. I like the ending as it is because I think the final sex scene is one of my hottest.

Things porn stories frequently get wrong about sex

* The hymen is not located a distance down the vagina. Your penis can’t run into her maidenhead after it’s inside the vagina
* A woman (18+) who’s been using Kotexes since her periods have started is unlikely to have a hymen left. If she does, it’s barely there
* The vast majority of women do not orgasm from fucking. If she’s going to cum, the man should make her cum before they have intercourse
* She’ll be much more lubricated and will enjoy intercourse more if she cums before intercourse
* In situations typically described in porn stories (a young, inexperienced male who is very sexually stimulated and it’s his first time with this partner), the guy is not going to last very long (< 1 min)
* Given the above two, her cumming two or more times from his fucking her is cranking implausibility up to 11
* If the sex consists of the male character whipping it out and pounding her, it’s unlikely to be an enjoyable experience for her
* If she is someone who does orgasm from intercourse, the chance of her cumming at almost the same time that he does is very small
* I’ve never had someone put their finger up my asshole during sex, but given how much I enjoy prostate exams, I don’t think I’d enjoy it during sex
* I’ve never done anal. My impression is that it’s nothing she’s going to find enjoyable without a lot of lube and a lot of time getting her sphincter to slowly relax. I don’t see spitting on her asshole and then fucking her ass like it’s her vagina turning out well

Crohn’s Disease

I would email this to someone but I don’t know how to do it so I’m posting it here instead. I’ve encountered a few people impacted by crohn’s disease, which is a hard-to-diagnose, hard-to-treat digestive condition. Whenever I do, I share with them the amazing story of Larry Nance, Jr., who plays basketball for the LA Lakers.

Here’s his story

Watch Larry Nance Jr. amble around the basketball court and it looks as if success was preordained.

The Wyoming senior not only possesses strong bloodlines but also shares the name of his father, Larry Nance Sr., the former 13-year-NBA veteran who dazzled fans with almost freakish athletic ability. The 6-foot-8 Nance Jr. displays that attribute as well as a striking number of his dad’s on-court mannerisms.

But what few outside this high-elevation campus know is that the preseason Mountain West Conference player of the year can compete at the college level only because of a medical diagnosis during his sophomore year of high school that changed his life.

Few know that every seven weeks he receives an infusion of the medication Remicade for two hours to enable him to have the energy to play basketball. Barring dramatic medical advancements, he will receive these infusions for the rest of his life to treat Crohn’s Disease, a serious and chronic inflammation of the digestive tract that can cause abdominal pain, cramping, among more serious digestive issues.
Nance Jr. couldn’t help but wonder why he seemed to be the only person in his family who wouldn’t grow. His sister was 6-5, his mom 6-2 and his dad 6-10. Nance Jr. recalls his driver’s license listing him as 6-feet and 130 pounds.

On and off the court, Nance Jr. felt increasingly lethargic. He couldn’t gain any weight. And his stomach continued to gnaw at him. The pain had grown progressively worse since the seventh grade. At times, it hurt to eat.
After the first infusion of Remicade, Nance Jr. started growing, and kept growing. He remembers growing nearly an inch in the first two weeks. What’s more, 50 percent of the ulcers were gone in the first week.

“He was a new person with the infusion,” Jaynee Nance said. “An amazing turnaround.”

Nance Jr. said he gained 12 pounds during the first two weeks. During the next 14 months, he grew seven inches.

“It was a miracle for me,” Nance Jr. said. “It completely flipped the script on everything.”

The growth spurt yielded the “worst pain ever,” Nance Jr. said. It felt like constant migraines in his knees, constant aching and throbbing. He didn’t grow proportionally, and he felt awkward his entire junior year and some of his senior year. He was 75 percent arms and legs.


I’m being haunted by the ghosts of unfinished stories

When I’m writing a story, I’m constantly thinking about them, running scenes through my head and thinking about the wording of important sentences. I write the most when I can’t stop thinking about a story. On the other hand, I have a tough time motivating myself to write if the story isn’t stuck in my head. Once a story is published, I don’t think about it anymore.

This weekend, I had scenes from three different partially-written story constantly running through me head. I need to get focused and finish them one by one.

What an Interview of Me Would Be Like

Literotica author Bob_Aganoush is posting “interviews” with LitE authors. He has a set of questions he emails them and he posts their response. If he sent me his list of questions, here’s what I’d reply:

Is there anything about you and your background, beyond what is in your Literotica profile, that you would like your readers to know about you?

I’ve been asked multiple times if I write incest stories from personal experience, i.e. have I had incestuous sex. No, I haven’t. I have a brother and no sisters. I’ve never had a thing for my mom. When I was a teenager, I had a couple of cousins that I found hot but nothing ever happened between us. I’ve only know one person who has admitted to having an incestuous relationship and she was knocked up by her uncle at 15. Didn’t seem happy about it as she was struggling as a single mom.

Do you remember when you first discovered that you liked reading erotic literature? How did this come about?

When I first started getting interested in sex, my brother showed me my dad’s stash of dirty books. Since then, I’ve always preferred stories to pictures. And I’ve always preferred incest stories.

When did you first begin writing your own erotic literature? What prompted you to write your own?

One day, I had a story idea and decided to give it a try. My very first story was going to be “Helping My Cousin With Her Taxes”, a 100K novel covering over 20 years. It was going to cover a huge amount of my wisdom on life and love. I wrote 40K-50K words on it. I decided that my writing skills needed to be better and that it would be best to publish a short story as a learning experience. That was “Heather and Michael Ch 01” and “Ch 02”. Eventually, I went back to “Helping My Cousin With Her Taxes” and decided that the premise wasn’t good enough to continue working on it.

How do you develop the ideas for your stories? What are muses – your own life experiences, other stories that you’ve read, other media, random thoughts?

I put in my extended author’s notes what was the inspiration for each story. Most of the time, I suddenly get an idea for a story. I’ll work out a lot of the story in a few minutes. Most anything can inspire me with a story idea.

Do you ever collaborate on your stories with other authors, or with editors? If so, please tell us a little about your collaborative process?

I’ve been working towards a model of greater collaboration with beta-readers, fellow authors and nice people who’ve written me over time. I’ll start with a story idea and when I’ve got say 10K words written, I’ll send it out to a few people to see if the story is worth continuing to work on. If the feedback is positive, I’ll continue working iteratively on the story until I get it the point that I feel like I would be okay with publishing it. Then I send it out many beta-readers. I’ll incorporate that feedback in my final draft and publish it.

Most readers read erotica in order to be aroused, and many (hopefully!) are also looking for a good plot. How do you balance the need for plot in your stories with the “hotness” factor necessary to get attention on Literotica?

My stories are usually long for a LitE story, running 6-9 pages instead of the usual 2-4. I try to write a compelling story. My feeling is that as long as there’s steady progress between the two main characters, most readers will stick it out.

When you’re not busy writing your own stories, what are you favorite kinds of stories to read on Literotica, and why?

Incest stories. My favorites are whole family stories where we go from only the mom and dad are having sex with each other to the whole family is having sex.

Many readers wonder about the sex lives of the authors they like reading. We all know that most stories on Literotica are fantasy, but is there a window into your own sexual being that you’d like to share with our readers?

Boring sex life. Always has been. I’ve had people write me as if they think the sex scenes I describe I’ve done personally. It’s all made up from whole cloth.

Anything else about you that you would like your readers to know?

If you enjoyed my writing, take the time to let me know. Less than two percent of readers bother to vote. I get one comment for roughly every 3,000 reads. Long messages telling me what someone enjoyed about my story are exceptionally rare. If you send me a message, I’ll always reply.




My experience with blogging

I posted this yesterday to LitE’s Author Hangout forum:

In November 2014, I had had good success with my most recent story and I decided to start a blog about my writing and stories that I’d liked. I meant it as an additional way to communicate with my readers beyond comments and PM’s. I’d thought I share the story behind my stories, where I’m at on my next story, LitE stories that I had recently read and enjoyed, and maybe bullshit with people who commented on my blog.

So I created an introductory post, posted the extended author notes for two stories and waited for people to come to my blog. And I waited. And I waited.

One problem was the challenge of informing people that I had a blog. I put it into my sig for the forums. I tried to add a link to my blog to the end of my next story but that led to my story being rejected for having a link to an external web site. Eventually, I put at the end of my next story the note, “See my Literotica profile for extended author’s notes “. My Literotica profile then had the link to my blog.

During November 2014, I had 18 visitors. December, I had 13. January 2015, I had 11. I don’t think I had any comments. Not what I had envisioned.

In April 2015, I published another story. My number of visitors jumped up to 41 for the month. I got 55 in May and then it went down from there until August, when I published yet another story. 136 visitors for August.

I didn’t publish anything for a year. I got a steady stream of visitors, typically 30-50 a month. But I think most of them were visiting for the wrong reason. I had written reviews of several stories I’d like. A couple of them were stories where the whole family had sex. When I looked at the search terms people were using to find my blog, most of them were searches for family sex stories. At first, I thought such people might stay, read my blog and then read my stories. It didn’t seem to happen. I felt like the people looking for family sex stories were skewing my visitor stats so I eventually deleted all of the posts that discussed other people’s stories.

I’m using WordPress for my blog and it doesn’t provide me with much in the way of understanding about the people visiting my blog. Sometimes, WordPress while provide me with the web page the user was on when they clicked on a link to go to my blog (a referrer). Knowing that people used Google to get to my blog isn’t helpful without knowing how they used Google to get to my blog. Sometimes, WordPress provides me with the search terms, but not often. To pick a date at random, on 12/04/16 I got 8 visitors. 7 of them used some Google variant to get to my blog. As for how they used Google to get to my blog, WordPress tells me that 3 of them used “Unknown search terms”. And one person got to my blog from my blog.

In August of this year, I published two stories that were very popular. I decided to try something new and I put at the end of the stories a link to extended author’s notes that I had published on the “Story Feedback” forum. From there, people could get to my blog by clicking on the link for it in my signature. I got 247 visitors in August, which was almost twice as much as my prior best. Readership has fallen off since to 95 in November.

Sadly, I’ve not got the many comments that I had envisioned. I’ve gotten 12 comments in two years. 4 of those were from one user asking about a sequel to one of my stories.

Because I’ve gotten so few comments, I have no idea what is a good post for a writing blog. I post stuff that I find interesting, but have no idea if anyone else does.

I have had several comments and PM’s that say that they really enjoy my extended author notes and my blog. It’s not a lot, but it’s enough to keep my blogging occasionally.

If you decide to blog about your writing, I wish you more success than me.

My thoughts on incest stories vs incest reality

I posted this on a forum on LitE in response to someone ripping incest stories/readers:

Incest is fairy tale land

Are any of the categories realistic? My impression is that most of the stories posted to LitE are fantasies.

where daddies get to boink enthusiastic daughters and daughters get some sort of emotional support from their daddy’s interest. Clearly that’s nothing like real-world incest. As far as I can tell the readers of the category are either guys who want to fuck their own daughters, or women who have been abused and are looking for some way to mentally categorize their abuse as loving or at least bonding. Or get off on reliving abuse, which sadly is a real thing.

The most popular type incest story on LitE are brother-sister stories. Number two is mom-son stories. I don’t think there’s a clear number three, but nephew-aunt, son-stepmom and cousin stories are up there. So the bulk of the incest stories here involve a man having sex with a woman either close to his age or much older than him.

People who actually read and write incest – I don’t – can probably fill in other kinds of readers, but the types I mentioned would not like your story. That is not your fault; I think you get a gold star for telling it like it is, however painful. But it won’t go over well, as you’ve learned.

Incest readers want a consensual relationship. Now you can argue that that’s unrealistic, that the vast majority of incest that happens involve a man, usually a father or uncle, sexually abusing a young girl. Which is what the author’s story described. And I’d say, “So what.” Incest readers are interested in reading about the rare consensual relationship, not the typical incest relationship. But I’d guess almost every reader of every category wants to read about the rare relationship that’s interesting because it’s unusual rather than what happens every day.

When I write, I type in a lot of homonyms

My first draft has lots writing errors in it. I use Scrivener, so it catches my typing errors as I write. But I make lots of other errors. Repetitions of phrases. Things phrase awkwardly. And writing a homonym of the word I intended. I found on today that I thought was pretty funny:

The move was rated hard and had a couple of hot sex scenes in it.

Hard, “R” – they’re the same thing, right?

Literotica’s Authors Hangout

I was corresponding with another author recently about how we were disappointed with Literotica’s Authors Hangout.

He wrote:

I’ve all but given up on the Author’s Hangout for any sort of useful info.  I thought I’d meet a bunch of cool other writers in there or something, but hasn’t happened.

I wrote:

I’ve been disappointed with the AH as well. There are a few posters that constantly get into fights. it’s hard to have a fun discussion when you know that a fight is likely to break out at any moment.

I also surprised at how little discussion of writing there is. What an ideal AH would be for me is that I could post “Hey, I got an idea for a story,” give the description above and then say that I’m having trouble picturing how the nephew is going to seduce his step mom. Then other authors would toss out their ideas, suggest some stories for me to read, etc.

Then I decided, what the hell?, why not trying doing that?

So I created a thread with the following opening post:

In my story, a 19 year old boy is given the mission of seducing a 34 year old woman. He doesn’t really want to do it. He doesn’t think he can do it as she is married mostly-happily to a well-off husband. But he doesn’t want to disappoint the person who gave him the mission. He eventually does seduce the woman when she finds out her husband is cheating on her.

I’m not so sure on how to write this story. Can anyone give me some suggestions? Or point me to a similar story where this is done well?

Several authors replied that I can’t do want I want to do. Then they mocked the one author who actually provided some useful advice. Then some whined that I had wasted their time. Very disappointing.