1/15 Writing Status

I’m at over 22K words on “My Cookie-Baking Sister”. I’m in the middle of the first sex scene. There’ll be a lot of story after that, then a concluding sex scene. I think it has the potential to be another big hit.


How my stories have changed over time

Someone created a thread in the Author’s Hangout on Literotica for “How Have Your Stories Changed Over Time?” My response is below:
[W]hat changes, if any, have you seen in your stories?
* I’m much a better technical writer, with a much better grasp on grammar and sentence structure. My first story is very poorly written
* My sex scenes are much longer than from my initial stories (though I hate writing most sex scenes)
* I feel like I have a support system now, with a good group of beta-readers. It’s my job to get the initial concept done and then to incorporate the suggestions of others to fully flush out the story

Have your subject matter/erotic category interests changed?
Not much change. Brother-sister stories are my sweet spot and I rarely move from it. I’ve started a Fantasy story and a couple of Romances, but it’s hard to get motivated to finish those when my support system isn’t interested in those categories.

Has your writing style changed?
* I think my stories now have a lot more flirting, taunting and teasing
* My last story and the story I’m working on now have long descriptions of the sister while she’s scantily dressed. I don’t know if that’ll be a trend

Any other changes you’ve noticed? Good or bad.
* I’m not afraid to publish stories that I know I won’t do well. When I first started writing, I wanted each story to do better than the last and I’ve come to accept that that won’t happen – sometimes I only have a good idea for the next story after having had a great idea for the prior story
* I’m not afraid to write about topics I consider controversial. I’ve written about young single motherhood, guilt from a conservative religious upbringing, the damage from bad sex, positive consent, domestic abuse and free speech on college campuses. Presented well, I think bringing in those topics add a lot of depth to the characters

12/21 Writing Status

I’m going to be working on two stories. The first I don’t have a title for and I don’t how popular it’ll be, but it discusses a lot of interesting topics. It’s about 2/3’s done at 20K words. The other is “My Cookie-Baking Sister” and is a pretty straightforward brother-sister story. I’ve got 10K words done on it.

Something weird happen with “My European Summer Vacation”. A little more than a year ago when its contest finished, it had a 4.84 score and made the bottom of the Incest/Taboo Hall of Fame (Highest 20 I/T rated stories). It slowly slipped out of the Hall of Fame and then started slipping in and out of the HoF. Then after “My Lingerie-Loving Sister Moves In”, it moved squarely into the middle of the HoF and I assumed that it wouldn’t come out. Then at the end of November, it got hammered and dropped to around #60 of . Today, it’s back in the HoF at #12. It’s really hard to tell rating changes when all I can see is two decimal places, but I gotta believe that Vacation got hammered with lots of low votes which eventually got swept away.

This comment made me very, very happy

From an anonymous PM about “My Sister Set Me Up on a Blind Date”:

Hey man, I really enjoyed the story and loved how you incorporated realistic elements, such as positive consent into it. It’s taught me to look at what I might have been doing wrong in my new relationship and take a step back to reevaluate what I should and shouldn’t be doing. Thanks for the material man. Keep on writing and I’ll see it around!

All of my stories contain a lot of advice about how I think guys should treat women. It makes me very happy that a reader took some of it to heart.

10/30 I get comments

PM’s from the same anonymous user. I thought they were interesting:

Comforting my little sister
This is not what I signed up for. When I come to this site, I expect to read a hot story about the start of an incestuous relationship between siblings. Not to be turned on for the first 2 and a half pages, have to read through a page of shit and then have to read about softcore heart string bullshit at the end.

Your story is a fucking blue ball. Stop it.

Cycling weekends with sis
I’m the same person.

This story isn’t a blue ball. Thanks.

My sister set me up on a blind date
This is quite possibly one of the best and most amazing stories I’ve ever had the enjoyment of jerking off to on this website. It’s much better than that blue ball one with the abusive boyfriend.

Different stories appeal to different people. I’m glad the commenter found one of mine that appealed to him.

I found it interesting that he kept reading my stories even after finding the first one “a fucking blue ball” (whatever that is).

On things readers don’t notice

After “My Lingerie-Loving Sister Moves In” was published and the comments started rolling in, I mentioned to a couple of my beta-readers that I was surprised that none of the comments mentioned lingerie as to me that was what was unique about the story and what made it so hot. One beta-reader replied:

Well, the thing about doing something _really_ well is that people get so immersed and lost in the story…..they don’t quite notice what makes it so special. It’s like, say, the musical score in a good action movie–if it’s perfectly done, the emotions are so overwhelming you don’t notice the music.

That got me to thinking about Sinead’s accent in “My European Summer Vacation”. I did a ton of research on the Cork accent and I worked hard to give Sinead a Cork accent. But no one ever said, “Great job on Sinead’s accent.” Now, I think there’s no such thing as a good accent – if I did right, that’s just a part of what makes Sinead Sinead. Only if I did a bad job with Sinead’s accent would it stand out.