1/15 Writing Status

I’m at over 22K words on “My Cookie-Baking Sister”. I’m in the middle of the first sex scene. There’ll be a lot of story after that, then a concluding sex scene. I think it has the potential to be another big hit.


12/21 Writing Status

I’m going to be working on two stories. The first I don’t have a title for and I don’t how popular it’ll be, but it discusses a lot of interesting topics. It’s about 2/3’s done at 20K words. The other is “My Cookie-Baking Sister” and is a pretty straightforward brother-sister story. I’ve got 10K words done on it.

Something weird happen with “My European Summer Vacation”. A little more than a year ago when its contest finished, it had a 4.84 score and made the bottom of the Incest/Taboo Hall of Fame (Highest 20 I/T rated stories). It slowly slipped out of the Hall of Fame and then started slipping in and out of the HoF. Then after “My Lingerie-Loving Sister Moves In”, it moved squarely into the middle of the HoF and I assumed that it wouldn’t come out. Then at the end of November, it got hammered and dropped to around #60 of . Today, it’s back in the HoF at #12. It’s really hard to tell rating changes when all I can see is two decimal places, but I gotta believe that Vacation got hammered with lots of low votes which eventually got swept away.

So what’s next?

I could re-publish my current story inventory as it hasn’t changed. I had started the second draft of “Owe You Big Time” when I got the idea for “My Lingerie-Loving Sister Moves In”, so I could go back and finish it. However, I think it is too similar to “My Lingerie-Loving” (Sister moves into brother’s apartment after his roommate moves out) to be published right after it.

I’m leaning towards a story I’ve tentatively titled, “My Sister The Cookie-Elf”. It’s a fits-and-starts romance set in Farragut/Knoxville, TN with some tie-ins with the country music industry in Nashville. Their dad is a mystery writer, promoting his writing is a family business and a lot of the middle part of the story is driven by his book tour. Anyone knowledgeable about those areas and who liked to help me, please send me a PM through Literotica. I’d love some help!